Methods to Improve Learning and Recall

Learning New Information

Pay attention. Increase sensory and emotional awareness. Focus to register a memory.

Recalling Information

Go slow if you feel over-whelmed. Use associations and links.

Use visual imagery, letters, and rhymes.

Chunk numbers and parts of lists.

Organize; lists and other memory helpers are essential. Trash the junk; create memory storage space.

Place the event in context.

Consciously repeat it in your mind.

Focus on the gist of what you see or hear.

Above all, be positive about your ability to register new information and to remember it.

Diet, Physical Exercise, and Memory Training Work Best Together

Obviously, the most effective diet and exercise (physical and mental) program is just that: a diet and exercise program, not just one or the other. From a health standpoint, this combination needs to be executed on a steady, continuous basis. Fits and starts are not very helpful in preventing memory loss. Stick to a sensible diet without drastic changes and exercise regularly, preferably a few times each week. Memory training to maintain mental sharpness is also important. Once you convert these changes into regular habits you will be on automatic pilot, and the regimen will not seem so difficult to maintain.

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