Many Natural or Alternative Remedies Are Also Medicines

Robert's most striking feature was that he did not consider ginkgo, ginseng, saw palmetto, or melatonin to be medicines. And because these were natural substances that he obtained in a health food store, he was willing to spend a fair amount of money on them despite his financial difficulties.

Many people do not count alternative remedies, or substances that occur naturally and are marketed for their health effects, as medicines. The reality is that many of these products do contain active ingredients, and the remedies that Robert was taking should be counted as medicines. Don't forget that many modern medications were first derived from naturally occurring substances, and the drug companies are always on the lookout for naturally occurring products with active ingredients that they can test against specific diseases. So don't take alternative medicines lightly; some of them do have active chemical compounds that have effects on various bodily organs, and some of them can cause side effects.

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