Long Term Efficacy Data Are Lacking But Safety Data Do Exist

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Although I have emphasized that we do not have data about any medications on long-term prevention of memory loss, we do have safety data on long-term use for many of these medications. The vitamins can be taken on a daily basis for years, and so can estrogen in women, provided there is gynecological monitoring. Aricept has been prescribed for several years of continuous usage without major adverse events in Alzheimer's patients, and selegiline has been taken by many Parkinson's patients continuously for several years to decades. Ginkgo biloba also appears to be quite safe during long-term use. Phosphatidylserine has not been studied in long-term trials, but its lack of side effects during several months of daily administration indirectly suggests that it is likely to be safe even when taken for several years at a stretch.

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