It is likely that anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of cases of memory loss are due to specific, reversible causes. Therefore, if you suffer from mild memory loss, it is essential that you read this part covering potentially reversible causes of memory loss, because there is a distinct possibility that identifying and treating one or more of these factors will completely reverse your memory deficits. And even if you are not currently experiencing memory loss, you should be aware of the negative impact of factors like stress, alcohol abuse, depression, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal changes on memory, so that you can reduce or eliminate their influence, both now and in the future.

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Beat The Battle With The Bottle

Alcoholism is something that can't be formed in easy terms. Alcoholism as a whole refers to the circumstance whereby there's an obsession in man to keep ingesting beverages with alcohol content which is injurious to health. The circumstance of alcoholism doesn't let the person addicted have any command over ingestion despite being cognizant of the damaging consequences ensuing from it.

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