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1. A combination of general health measures like proper diet and regular exercise, memory training, and appropriate medications (particularly if you have mild memory loss; medications are less critical if you currently have a normal memory), provides a comprehensive strategy to prevent memory loss due to the aging process.

2. If you have mild memory loss, you should first look for a reversible cause.

3. You should feel free to deviate from my recommendations if you have specific health reasons or conditions that make it difficult to implement (medical or other contraindication) one or more of these components in the Memory Program.

4. This field is evolving rapidly, so you need to keep up with the latest developments, which are certain to be given considerable play in the media. These new developments may make it necessary for you to change your strategy over timeā€”for example, you may need to switch to COX-II inhibitors in the future if they are shown to be effective in treating mild memory loss.

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