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Stress Easily distractible, forgetful

Sense of inability to cope Flying off the handle frequently Excessive anxiety, palpitations Unable to enjoy vacations

Depression Feeling low, down in the dumps Seeing the negative side of things Poor memory, unable to concentrate Loss of interest in hobbies, activities Insomnia, loss of appetite, low libido Daily tasks seem over-whelming Family history of depression

Alcohol abuse Drinking a little extra every day

Hiding the truth about alcohol intake Critical comments from family, friends Gaps in memory for recent events

Medication toxicity

Thyroid deficiency

Taking memory-toxic medications Poor attention, memory or confusion after starting a new medicine or dose increase of an existing medicine Change in sleep-wake cycle

Memory loss, depression, lethargy Physical and mental slowness, weight gain, constipation, cold intolerance

Prune overload: do it constantly Focus on small not just big stressors

Avoid conflict over trivial matters Regular bedtime hours, don't overeat

Avoid late evening alcohol, caffeine Meditation, yoga, relaxation

Maintain active social life Strengthen relationships Resolve outstanding conflicts If others say you look depressed, take the comment seriously and act on it

Persistent, severe symptoms, seek help: psychotherapy, medications

Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake Help from family, friends Alcoholics Anonymous Detoxification, specialized programs Vitamin B1 (thiamine) Eliminate offending medication or reduce its dose

Consult with your doctor regarding prescription medications

Physician consultation

Blood tests to confirm the diagnosis

Thyroid hormone supplementation

Vitamin B12 deficiency


Poor concentration, memory loss Generalized weakness, fatigue Abnormal gait, unsteadiness on feet Stomach, gastrointestinal complaints

Risk factors of smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, family history Sudden or stepwise cognitive decline Fluctuations in course of cognitive decline

Physician consultation

Tests to evaluate anemia, B12

blood levels, intrinsic factor in the stomach

Vitamin B12 injections

Diet: reduce saturated fats, cholesterol

Control diabetes, blood pressure Stop smoking Physician consultation CT or MRI scan of the brain Aspirin, ticlopidine, anticoagulants chug along for years with minimal memory loss induced by a specific, reversible cause like depression or medication toxicity, because it is too subtle to affect daily functioning. Then the process of age-related memory loss, which has been progressing slowly but steadily in the meantime, catches up and adds an extra wallop that leads to clear-cut memory loss. In other words, the two types of memory loss may each be very mild, but when added together, memory loss becomes obvious.

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