Aneurysm Is Rare Thrombosis Is Common

Aneurysms with the potential for bleeding are a relatively rare cause of TIAs, which is why I remember Joe's case so clearly. Most TIAs are due to cholesterol-laden plaques gradually blocking blood flow through a vessel; the TIA symptoms warn that the blockage is becoming severe and a clot or thrombus has begun to form. The clotting process is like a slow, relentless suicide machine: tiny particles called platelets in the blood begin to gather and aggregate to form a thrombus, the thrombus steadily mushrooms in size as more platelets land on it, and eventually the blood vessel is completely blocked. This results in an infarction (infarct), which is the death of a mass of brain tissue that is deprived of glucose and oxygen due to lack of blood supply. Nature has given us a powerful clotting process to shield us from excessive blood loss when we have an external injury, but the same process can be lethal if it occurs internally in the heart or brain.

Unraveling Alzheimers Disease

Unraveling Alzheimers Disease

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