When I was training in the early 1980s at Yale, Dr. Craig Nelson helped me write and publish a paper on the interface between memory loss and depression. He was an outstanding mentor and helped propel me in the direction of studying and treating memory disorders, which i have been doing for the last sixteen years. While Dr. Nelson remained at Yale, I moved to the medical center at Columbia University, where I have stayed ever since. At Columbia, many teachers, professional colleagues, and students, too numerous to name individually, have helped shape my thinking, clinical expertise, and research ideas and projects in dealing with the problems of memory loss due to the aging process and related disorders. This thriving clinical-cum-research environment is likely to continue well into the future, and I owe all the individuals involved a great debt. In particular, I would like to thank all my patients and their families, from whom I have learned a great deal. I believe I was able to help them a little in their struggle against memory loss, and I drew on this experience in formulating the Memory Program that is central to this book.

My literary agent, Lynn Franklin, patiently kept me on track from the inception of the book proposal to the completion of this book. Her critical comments and advice helped me keep concepts clear and simple for the reader. Tom Miller at John Wiley provided incisive editorial comments that helped make this an informative yet practical book for people who wish to learn about memory loss and how to prevent and treat it.

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All About Alzheimers

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