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Core: How To Connect With Your Masculine Energy

Most men feel stuck in life, empty, and unhappy despite having a lot of wealth, good job, fame, and several conquests with the opposite sex. These men experience these problems because they lack the mature masculine energy. In fact, this is the reason why most men who seem to have it all sometimes decide to take their own life. Fortunately, someone has decided to provide a solution. David Tian is a Ph.D. holder in psychology. In his course known as the CORE, he reveals various ways any man can reach the ultimate masculinity and achieve true joy, happiness, and live a more fulfilling life. The Core comes with 8 video seminars, downloadable meditative audio exercises, PDF slides, worksheets, and 3 free bonuses. Currently, you can be able to purchase this course at a discount price. Continue reading...

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Battle of the Sexes Handout

Consider a problem of how to decrease employee absenteeism. The female groups might suggest feminine ideas such as holding teas to develop support systems and masculine ideas such as organized sports teams. The male groups might suggest masculine ideas such as having managers and workers socialize in bars after work and feminine ideas such as sewing circles during lunch periods. Although some or all of the ideas might not be practical, all group participants would then develop more workable solutions.

Reading and Perception

Your brain mind has two halves or hemispheres that play together in a dance of harmony and rhythm. Sometimes that harmony and rhythm is somewhat troubled or awkward. So often our conditioning, our habits, our traditions, get in the way of smooth and harmonious integration of our two halves. The great eastern religions call these halves yin (feminine principle) and yang (masculine principle). They are represented quite obviously in our brain hemispheres. The objective of Light-Speed Reading is a smooth integration of left (masculine) and right (feminine) hemispheres. Have you ever watched great dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers perform The movement is so graceful and fluid. When one moves the other moves to enhance the other's performance and we applaud and pay them great sums of money. We are reminded when we see such performances of our own integrative process within our minds - the dance between our masculine manifestation energy and our feminine knowingness. It's a dance...

The Method

In Spanish and French, a noun is either masculine or feminine. Consequently, if I were learning either of these languages, my town would be split into two quite distinct zones or districts. If I were learning German, it would be split up into three zones masculine, feminine, and neuter. Teller is a masculine word, so die restaurant where the bank teller is counting money would have to in the masculine district. It is important to spend time familiarizing yourself with your map before you start to fill it with images. Make sure you know which part of town is masculine or which is feminine, and which is neuter. If you were thinking of London, for example, everywhere south of the Thames might be masculine, and north of the river might be feminine. Mantel makes me think of MANTELpiece, which is my key image. It's another masculine word, so I might as well stay in the restaurant (location). It is important to let your images spread organically through your town. Some might be next to each...


During language classes at school, I was left with the impression that we were expected to learn new words as best we could. There was no instruction or set procedure telling us how to go about fixing these strange new sounds in our head or converting them into English. I was told, for instance, that the Spanish for food was alimento. How was I to remember this word, and that it was masculine

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