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After a stressful day, when sometimes the whole world feels like it's against you, and you just need an escape. you literally Can! Have Lucid Flying Dreams Know the freedom of soaring over a perfect glittering blue ocean, flying over the city at night, swooping through rainforests, and the rush of entering hyperspace. Become an All-Powerful Creator Feel the omnipotence of creating entire worlds and civilizations. Simulate the entire past and future lifespan of the human race or even intelligent alien life. Interact With Dream Figures Meet up with deceased loved ones, solve problems with great scientists, discuss the meaning of life with philosophers, and pursue erotic adventures with celebrities. Experience Reality Without Physical Law Practice gravity-defying Parkour, teleport around the world, shapeshift into animals, become invisible, swim underwater without oxygen, and travel to other dimensions. Through the step-by-step instructions in this book, you will discover: How to Dramatically Boost Your Dream Recall enabling you to recall up to 4 or 5 dreams per night. How to Have Your First Lucid Dream using the same basic mind and body priming techniques I used as a teenager. How to Visualize Your Way TO A Lucid Dream by entering your own imagined world on any night you choose. What Dream Herbs And Supplements Intensify Dreaming the lazy man's way to a night of vivid and exciting dreams. How to Prolong Your Lucid Dreams using in-dream tactics which can potentially extend your lucid dreams up to an hour or more. How to Control Your Dreams With Clarity by channeling the expectation principle to shape your lucid dream adventures. How to Program Your Dreams IN Advance by systematically visualizing your desired dreamscape or dream plot. How to Create Dream Characters And Have Lucid Dream Sex by seeking out dream figures and offering shared intimacy. How to Stop Nightmares And Sleep Paralysis And Turn Them Into Lucid Dreams by turning the nightmare in on itself. How to Interact With Your Subconscious Mind by talking to the awareness behind the dream. Read more here...

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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

With Lucid Dreaming Made Easy you will be able to: Recall Your Dreams Clearly with a technique that allows you to remember all your dreams easily. Experience Life-Like Dreams as if they were tangible and realistic events with no distinction between dreams and reality. Dream Lucidly For As Long As you Like using a simple yet very effective technique that works every time. Be Smarter, Richer, More Successful and Enhance Your Confidence by creating the world of your dreams. Travel to Other Dimensions, Experience Different Realities & Live the Perfect Life with no limits. Face your Fears and Overcome Your Phobias conquer your real life fears and nightmares easily. Master New Skills as Well as Polish your Existing Abilities become a real life genius with heaps of new-found knowledge. Improve Your Creativity by inspiring yourself through your Dreams Effortlessly. Have Mind-Blowing Out-Of-Body Experiences whenever you want or feel like doing something different. Satisfy Your Most Intimate Fantasies in a world where anything is possible and Only You are in control. Read more here...

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy Summary

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How To Lucid Dream And Have Out Of Body Experiences

Complete 8 Step Diagram To Trick Your Body Into Falling Asleep To Have Your First Obes And Lucid Dreams The 7 Biggest Killer Lucid Dream & Obe Mistakes People Make All The Time How Many Of These Are You Making? Charts: How To Tell How Close You Are To A Successful Obe. Five Lucid Dream & Obe Induction MP3s To Supercharge Your Progress The Lucid Dream & Obe Flash Timer Predefined Lucid Dream & Obe Timer MP3s The 3 Killer Mistakes People Keep Making Over And Over When Inducing Obes And Lucid Dreams Audio And Pdf.

How To Lucid Dream And Have Out Of Body Experiences Summary

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Ultimate Vivid Lucid Dreaming

Learn How To Conquer Your Fears Many of us have our own unique fears in our waking life. But in the dream world, we can not only face them safely, but we can create courage, and fearlessness, that can seep over into our real life. Now you can befriend any of your own fears and see how it feels to overcome them effortlessly. Unlock Your Subconscious Mind Many of us tend to repress or hold in things that bother us and also, many of us fail to understand the real, magical potential that can be acquired by tapping into our subconscious mind. In lucid dreaming, you can get in tough with both of these aspects easily and on a regular basis. Expand and Boost Your Overall Creativity In your dream world, your creativity is unlimited. You can build castles, fly over forests, or create the most beautiful artwork of music you have ever dreamed. Your dreamscape is your canvas, and anything you want to build or create, is up to you. Live The Way You Have Always Wanted To Live Each time you lucid dream, you will be able to enter the world of your own making, and live the way you want to livewithout boundaries. Call it an escape from reality. Learn how to prepare for lucid dreaming the right way, what to do and what Not to do! Find out the importance of dream schemas, proper expectations, day residue, and dream cycles! Improve dream recall with multiple tips and techniques that make remembering dreams easy! Discover exactly what you need to do Before you fall asleep including reality checks and dream induction techniques! Step-By-Step instruction on how to visualize your way into a deep lucid dream of your choice! Find out how you can trick your brain to be aware of when you are actually dreaming! Discover these easy ways to prevent waking while you are deep in your lucid dream world! Create your own dream characters and have sex! 25 things you can do in a lucid dream that will make your experience much more magical! Learn how to use your lucid dreaming abilities to your own advantage in your waking life! Discover healthy supplements that can help induce lucid dreaming, and how to use them! You will be given a complete 30 day program to vivid lucid dreaming!

Ultimate Vivid Lucid Dreaming Summary

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Author: Alex Fielder
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Conditions for lucid dreaming

Saint-Denis suggested three essential conditions for the act of lucid dreaming 2. Creating a signaling system for yourself associating a certain memory with a certain sensorial perception (looking at your hands, picking up a glass, drinking water, etc.) will trigger the act of lucid dreaming while you are asleep. Lucid dreaming is an ongoing experience for me - I still have a lot to learn about it. I have run into problems trying to master the technique, although thanks to mental dynamics I was able to experience my first lucid dream after only fifteen days of practice (it took Saint-Denis two hundred and seven days). At one point I felt I had to stop because the exercise was disturbing my sleep. I overcame that obstacle a couple of months later by developing a second formulation (I will awaken from my lucid dream refreshed and completely rested).

Activating with Your Dreams

The first step is to remember your regular dreams when you awaken. The more frequently you remember dreams and the clearer and more detailed your dream images, the more likely you are to have lucid dreams. A lucid dream is when you are awake in the dream state and direct the outcome of or choose your response to the events in the dream.

Anxiety impedes reading

This machine is worth its weight in gold for decreasing reading anxiety and increasing reading speed and comprehension. I have found that the Voyager used just before bed increases the likelihood of lucid dreaming. For some reason unknown to me, the patterns, sound, and light change in the eyes and ears of the participant seems to enhance learning and comprehension abilities.

Exercise 198 Understanding Any Spoken Language

The portion of the human mind that allows this process to take place may also be linked to the same faculty that allows telepathy to take place As you learned in the telepathy exercises, when you read another person's mind who thinks in a foreign language, you are really reading the thought intention of a transmitter's words, not the words themselves. If you have mastered lucid dreaming (review Exercise -Lucid Dreaming Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams ), you may also be surprised to learn how understanding other languages in the dream world is quite easy when language tapes are played during the sleep-learning process (review Exercise -- Sleep-Learning ).

Exercise 176 Learning Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis quiets many of the interfering factors of the left brain to allow more control over your right brain functioning to take place. It's like shifting your conscious awareness to a subconscious realm. If you've mastered lucid dreaming (review Exercise -- Lucid Dreaming Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams ), you already know what a different version of the same thing feels like. This shifting of your conscious awareness also allows analgesic feats like sticking a needle through your arm and experiencing no pain, infection or ill effects. Research has shown that

4Worry about missing a critical not or other conjunctive structure

Link vague ideas to concrete ideas - Recall one thing then link it to another and another This is our natural recall mechanism. Following the process that your mind already does makes Light Speed Reading a cinch. Recalling dreams in the same manner can create for you an experience of lucid dreaming, by far the most powerful form of imagery. Lucid dreaming is when you become conscious that you are dreaming while you are in a dream. You get a full sensory experience of anything you want in full safety because you know for certain you are dreaming. There is no end to the possibilities you can experience in this form of imagery.

Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams

The term lucid dreaming describes the experience of consciously recognizing during a dream that you are dreaming. By involving your conscious awareness in a subconscious activity, you can learn to control the content of your dream and its course of action. The more mindful and fully conscious you are in your normal waking state, the easier it will be for you to master the lucid dreaming state. Review Exercise -- Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness to sharpen your lucid dreaming state. Dreams to a lucid dreamer are more vivid than simple visualizations. Objects and people appear to be and feel solid, and the dreamer is often able to converse intelligently with his own dream characters. Lucid dreamers can create or eliminate characters and items within the dream by simply wanting to do so. In dreams, you can even levitate or fly. So if you're ever in doubt of your dream state, try flying as a test. One technique to achieving a lucid dream state is to ask yourself the...

The Dreaming Self

A special kind of dreaming is called lucid dreaming. It is a condition in which you become aware and convinced that you are dreaming - that what you are experiencing is fantasy. When you become aware that you are dreaming, it opens the awareness that you are perfectly safe (it is just a dream) and can experience anything you want to experience including that which is impossible in this dimension - like flying, swimming in earth, and instantaneous travel. Most lucid dreams are exceptionally vivid, including all sensory feeling (sight, sound, feel, taste, smell, and beyond). In the lucid state you can direct the dream and control all the characters - because you realize that it is you that created them all In a sense, you are the god of that dimension. With practice, some lucid dreamers are even able to cross dimensions into this world and cause changes here, too. As far-fetched as this may seem there is even more. You, too, have the ability to lucid dream. In fact, how do you know you...

Mind Machines

Mind Machines (MM) are machines that project flashing light and binaural sound through goggles and headphones. The operator wearer initiates a program in the MM while sitting or lying quietly with eye lids closed. I've found MMs to be especially useful in initiating spontaneous lucid dreaming, which assists in the formation and strengthening of fundamental neural networks necessary for Light-Speed Reading.

Guide To Lucid Dreaming

Guide To Lucid Dreaming

Guide to Lucid Dreaming What Will You Dream Tonight? Control your Dreams LUCID DREAMING TECHNIQUES. Imagine Being Able To Choose What You Do In Your Dream. Which would you choose? To Fly? To Be an Eagle and Fly? To Walk Through Walls? To Have Superhuman Strength? All these things and more are possible in your dreams with Lucid Dreaming

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