More about Names and Faces

Ruth was a sweet and lovely girl and had many boy friends, but her mother felt it was time she was married.

While reading a book on the meanings of names, Ruth said, "Mother, it says here that Philip means 'lover of horses,' and James means 'beloved.' I wonder what George means?"

"I hope, my dear," said Mother, "that George means business!"

Now that you know how to make any name have meaning, by using a substitute word or thought, you have to know how to associate the name to the face in such a way as to remember both of them. Many memory systems teach the student to make a jinglet with the name; something like, "Mr. Baker is a faker" or "Mr. Gold is old," or "Mr. Rad-cliffe had a mad tiff," or "Mr. Lillienkamp is a carnival tramp."

This is fine, until you meet a Mr. Nepomosimo or a Mr. Smolensky. Even if you could create a rhyme with those names, what I never could quite grasp is how this would help you to remember the person's face, or rather, how one would bring the other to mind. No, I don't think that this jinglet system is of too great a help. In my opinion, the only way to remember a person's name is to associate that

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