Memory Demonstrations

A few theatrical agents were gathered together at a carnival, to see an act that everyone was raving about. As everybody watched in awed silence, Bosco, the Great, climbed up a ladder to a tiny pedestal, four hundred feet in the air.

On the pedestal, he took a deep breath, and then started to pump his arms to and fro. The drums rolled until they reached a noisy crescendo, and at this precise second, Bosco, the Great, actually left the pedestal and flew!

His arms pumping madly, he flew around the entire arena, up and down, back and forth.

Just then one of the agents turned to another, and asked, "Is that all he does, bird imitations?"!

I suppose that some of you are wondering why I am teaching, or have taught, all the memory feats in this book. You think that since I am a performer, and my performance does consist of memory stunts—I am creating competition for myself. Well, perhaps I am, but it doesn't bother me too much. I know that if any of you do want to perform in front of an audience, you will have the ingenuity to put together your own stunts and plan your own routine. And, most important, you will realize that you have to sell yourself, not your memory feats.

Most of the people in show business are aware of the fact that it's not what you do that makes you a good enter-

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