It Pays to Remember Telephone Numbers

The little girl was trying to get the telephone operator to find a telephone number for her.

operator: You can find that number in your telephone directory.

although most of you do not have to stand on the telephone directory in order to use the phone, you do have to use it quite often to look up numbers that you've forgotten. Sure, many people feel that it isn't necessary to remember phone numbers since that's just what the directory is for; but the fact remains that the phone companies have to keep information operators on duty continually. Next to forgetting names and faces, I think the most common memory complaint is, "I simply can't remember telephone numbers!" As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, most untrained memories are one-sided. Those who usually do remember telephone numbers, can't remember names, and vice versa. Of course, I intend for you to be able to do both, and more, with equal proficiency.

My good friend Richard Himber, famous musician-magician, realized that most people couldn't remember phone numbers, so he did something about it. He made it very simple for everyone to remember his—he just told

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