It Pays to Remember Speeches Articles Scripts and Anecdotes

The confused and nervous speaker was introduced after dinner. He approached the microphone and murmured haltingly:

"My f-f-friends, wh-when I arrived here this evening only God and I knew what I was going to say to you. And now, only God knows!"

I guess that one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a person is to forget a speech while in front of his audience. Next to forgetting the speech, is the embarrassment of faltering along as if you're not sure of what you have to say. Actually, it seems to me that anyone who is asked to give a talk on any particular subject, must know that subject pretty well; otherwise why would he be asked to talk about it. No; speakers who falter or hesitate during their speeches, do so, I think, because they have forgotten the next word—or because they are fearful that they will forget the next word.

There, in my opinion, lies the problem. If a speech is memorized word for word, and then a word, here and there, is forgotten; it surely will not be delivered as it should be. Why should you have to grope for one particular word? If you can't think of it; why, use any other word that serves

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