It Pays to Remember Dates104

How to remember any date; how to perform stunts with days and dates; learn to do the amazing "perpetual calendar" stunt.

It Pays to Remember Foreign Language Vocabulary & Abstract Information 114

Learn the system of substitute words to help you to remember difficult foreign words, thoughts and abstract ideas.

It Pays to Remember Names and Faces 120

Impress the name on your mind; associate the name and face with something of significance to yourself.

What's in a Name? 128

More advice on how to remember names. Substitute picture words and symbols for names.

More about Names and Faces 139

Now test your ability to remember names and faces. Compare your score and your improvement.

It Pays to Remember Facts about People 151

The more you can remember about people you meet, the more success and happiness you will have in your social and business life.

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