It Pays to Remember Appointments and Schedules

"The man who is always punctual in keeping appointments never loses anything by it."

"No, only about half an hour waiting for the other fellow to show up."

there isn't much I can do about those of you who know that you have an appointment, and get there late, anyway. But I think I can help you if you forget those appointments completely. You've already learned, in a previous chapter, how to remember your errands or appointments for each day. You can still use that idea; but if, in your particular business, or even socially, you find it necessary to keep numerous appointments during the week at certain times of day, you'll be interested in this chapter. The system contained here is one which enables you to make a conscious association as soon as you've made an appointment. By making this association, you can recall all your appointments for each day of the week without bothering with a date or memo book.

For those of you who don't care about remembering weekly appointments or schedules, I would suggest that you learn the idea behind the method anyway. You never know when you might find it useful. Please don't let the

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