If Pays to Remember Anniversaries Birthdays and Other Important Dates

"Does your husband forget your anniversaries?"

"Never. I remind him of it in June, and again in January; and I always get two presents!"

If a man's memory is so poor that he can be led to believe that he has an anniversary every six months—then he deserves to have to buy two presents.

Seriously though, the Peg system can be applied to remembering not only important anniversaries, but also important dates in history. It is also helpful for memorizing addresses, prices or style numbers.

As far as dates are concerned, if you want to remember people's anniversaries or birthdays, just associate the people, or substitute words for their names, to the date, in this way:— Suppose Mr. Gordon's birthday is April 3rd. If you associate Mr. Gordon, or the word, "garden" to "ram," you would remember it. "Ram" represents 43, and Mr. Gordon's birthday falls in the 4th month, on the 3rd day!

Of course every date will not be able to be transposed into a basic peg word. You can do that only with those that fall within the first nine months, and for the first nine days of those months. All other dates will be a three digit num-

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