How Keen Is Your Observation

Which light is on top of the traffic light? Is it the Red or the Green? Your first thought, probably is that this is an easy question to answer. However, put yourself in this position—you are on one of the current quiz shows that pays a lot of money for correct answers. You must answer this question correctly to win the top prize. Now then, which light is on top, the Red or the Green?

if you have been able to picture yourself in the above position, you are probably hesitating now, because you're not really sure which light is on top, are you? If you are sure, then you're one of the minority who has observed what most people only see. There is a world of difference between seeing and observing; proven, of course, by the fact that most of the people to whom I put the above question, either give the wrong answer or are not sure. This, even though they see the traffic lights countless times every day! By the way, Red is always on top of the traffic light, Green is always on the bottom. If there is a third color, it is usually Yellow, for caution, and that one is always in the center. If you were sure that Red was the correct answer, let me see if I can't puncture your pride a bit with another observation test.

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