Habit Is Memory

I feel assured that there is no such thing as ultimate forgetting; traces once impressed upon the memory are indestructible.

—Thomas De Quincey an accurate and retentive memory is the basis of all business success. In the last analysis, all our knowledge is based on our memories. Plato said it this way, "All knowledge is but rememberance"; while Cicero said of memory, it is "the treasury and guardian of all things." One strong example should suffice for the time being—you could not be reading this book right now, if you didn't remember the sounds of the twenty-six letters of our alphabet!

This may seem a bit far fetched to you, but it is true, nevertheless. Actually, if you were to lose your memory completely, you would have to start learning everything from scratch, just like a new born baby. You wouldn't remember how to dress, or shave, or apply your makeup, or how to drive your car, or whether to use a knife or fork, etc. You see, all the things we attribute to habit, should be attributed to memory. Habit is memory.

Mnemonics, which is a large part of a trained memory, is not a new or strange thing. As a matter of fact, the word, "mnemonic" is derived from the name of the Greek God-

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