Dont Be Absentminded

Towards the conclusion of his lecture on the wonderful sights to be seen in this world, the famous traveler said, "There are some spectacles that one never forgets!"

At this point a tiny old lady in the back row, stood up and timidly inquired, "Oh, my, can you tell me where I could get a pair? I'm always forgetting mine!"

are you continually plagued by misplacing certain items? Do you waste precious time searching for your glasses or for the pencil which is usually perched behind your ear? Are you the type that's always screaming, "But I just had it in my hands a moment ago!"? Do you always hide your valuable trinkets so well, that you yourself can't find them? Ladies; are you constantly late for a date because you simply can't locate your favorite lipstick? And, men; does your wife rant and scream while you laboriously search for that misplaced cuff link?

If the answer to any of these questions is, "Yes," run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore-------------.

Well, if this were a radio or television commercial, it might sound something like that, don't you think? But seriously, have I hit the bull's eye with some of the above questions? I'm almost certain that I have, because very few

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