Doesn't that number look formidable? It sure does! But look at it now:—

Here is another example:—

994 614 757 954

paper ashtray clock bowler

4210 9483 5214 6127 9071

rents perfume launder cheating basket

Link rents to perfume, perfume to launder, launder to cheating, cheating to basket—and you've memorized a twenty digit number!

If, in your particular business, you find it necessary to memorize long numbers very often, you'll soon use the first word that pops into your mind to fit either the first two, three or four digits. There is no rule that says you must use words to fit the same amount of digits in any long digit number. To memorize the number quickly, you use any words at all—usually you will have time to think for a moment to find the best words for the number to be memorized. I have to leave this to your own imagination. However, until you've become proficient at it, I would suggest that you use the peg words for two digits at a time.

You can see now, the importance of knowing the ten basic sounds of the phonetic alphabet thoroughly. If you haven't learned them yet, re-read the chapter on how to learn and practice them. If you are not sure of how to make ridiculous or illogical associations—re-read that chapter. If you do know the sounds, the peg words and how to make your associations, try your knowledge on test # 3, in Chapter # 3, and see the progress you've made.

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