What the Link Method is. Use this method of associating ridiculous mental images with items you want to remember. Start to remember as you've never remembered before.

Peg System of Memory 48

The Peg System helps you associate and remember numbers. You can learn to remember 52 items by number, in and out of order.

Uses of the Peg and Link Systems 60

Start with remembering a Shopping List and Daily Errands. From this you will go on to more difficult feats.

How to Train Your Observation 66

Test yourself (and your friends) on a "trick" sign. How to sharpen and develop your observation abilities.

It Pays to Remember Speeches, Articles, Scripts and Anecdotes 72

How to retain the contents of a speech or script JOT delivery or use when wanted. How to memorize the complete contents of a magazine!

It Pays to Remember Playing Cards 81

How to remember the lay and play of cards in any card game. How to perform memory feats with cards.

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