Who you learn with

of life. Similarly, in the earliest times, men and women lived in caves and simple shelters. They only had each other to learn from about birth, death, sexual maturity, killing and curing animals, and harvesting plants that would not poison them.

For many of us, who we learn with largely determines the way we will be learning. And while we are social creatures, we also like to be private.

In our survey, we asked: "In which three of the following ways do you prefer to learn?" Responses were as follows:


Through doing practical things




With a group being given instruction


Exchanging information with others


Practicing alone


Watching demonstrations


Thinking for yourself


One-to-one study with a tutor


Facilitated group activities


Source: Campaign for Learning, Attitudes to Learning, MORI poll, 1998

Are you a social learner or do you prefer to learn alone? Do you like to be taught or to find A out for yourself? Do you enjoy group work or would you rather work at your own pace?

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