The importance of where you are

Place is also a powerful way of anchoring memories. For example, many people can remember exactly where they were when important personal, world, or sporting events took place. This may be because of the emotions such events create, or because the events are so extraordinary that they are surprising or odd when set against the normal pattern of things, like walking on the moon or a terrible disaster of some kind. This effect can be put to good use.

You can consciously seek to absorb the details of a place as you experience something that you are determined to remember. I find that this works well for me when I am in a meeting and want to remember something in particular. In addition to my notes or a mind map, I consciously connect the memory to the place I am in, looking carefully around the room, so that I can recall the thought later on. In these examples, it is likely that place is providing an extra context to which your mind can "connect" a particular thought. Some of the places also may act as emotional triggers.

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The Self Assessment Test

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