Switching on your mindin a nutshell


✓ how to understand more about what motivates you

✓ how to use rewards to help you learn

✓ how to find intrinsic motivation

✓ how to work out your own likely motivation for any learning

✓ why you need to get the big picture

✓ why you need to balance challenge and threat

✓ how to boost your motivation

✓ the different places in which people prefer to learn

✓ the importance of the social dimension to learning

✓ how to get your own learning environment ready

✓ how to overcome common barriers to learning

KEY IDEAS Proper selfishness Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards

Intangible assets Hygiene factors and satisfiers ma

KEY TECHNIQUES/ APPROACHES Getting the big picture Balancing challenge and threat Using rewards effectively Using a range of equipment to support your learning

Part II

Go For It

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

The pace and intensity of our lives, both at work and at home, leave several of us feeling like a person riding a frantically galloping horse. Our day-to-day incessant busyness too much to do and not enough time; the pressure to produce and check off items on our to-do list by each day’s end seems to decide the direction and quality of our existence for us.

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