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A world of possibility

You learned, on page 46, about the idea of "learned optimism" as developed by Martin Seligman. I would like to take this concept one stage further and suggest that, to be truly smart, you need to understand the world of "learned possibility." Seligman's learned optimism concept is based on the way you interpret events as they happen to you. Mine is about a view of the future that is separated from the restrictions of optimism or pessimism. It is not about being half full or half empty, but about the possibility that you might be filled to the brim, that anything can be done.

It is a kind of mental modeling that I am convinced brings huge benefits.

Mike Leibling, director of Trainset, puts it like this: "If you have one idea, it's a compulsion. If you have two ideas, it's a dilemma. But if you have three or more ideas, then you have a choice."

Here are just a few practical suggestions as to how you can move into the world of possibility:

♦ Give yourself one goal only each day.

♦ Make time for at least one period of at least 20 minutes of total relaxation each day.

♦ Always look at problems from at least three points of view.

♦ Make a note every day of what surprises you.

♦ Try to surprise someone you work with every day.

♦ As well as writing them down, always visualize problems.

♦ Use music somehow every day of your life.

♦ Make sure you become absorbed for an hour or more in at least one task every day.

♦ If you use brainstorming, focus on what you do in the last five minutes.

♦ Hold some meetings standing up.

♦ Send fewer group emails.

♦ Make a point of speaking in person to at least one person you were planning to email every day.

♦ Make sure someone visits another organization to learn from them every week of the year.

♦ Visit another organization yourself at least once a month.

♦ Ask "lay consultants" to work with you on some projects.

♦ Get your family to help you with a difficult work problem from time to time.

♦ Break established patterns from time to time.

♦ Pay for staff to have a drink with each other once every month.

♦ Put the "s" back into Away Days: one day is not enough.

♦ Reinvent yourself at least once a year.

♦ Be happy to say that you will "sleep on it."

I i What three ideas do you have to ensure that you live in a world of possibility? 1 2

Harnessing Your Creativity

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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