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Sometimes, especially when you are at the early stage of the development of a project, it is helpful to go still further and quite deliberately involve someone who is from a very different line of work. I call this kind of person a "lay consultant." If your project was in the area of telecommunications, for example, you could involve a writer, an actor, or a speech therapist to work with you as a critical friend. Such a lay consultant's views are often invaluable in broadening and challenging assumptions.

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

The pace and intensity of our lives, both at work and at home, leave several of us feeling like a person riding a frantically galloping horse. Our day-to-day incessant busyness too much to do and not enough time; the pressure to produce and check off items on our to-do list by each day’s end seems to decide the direction and quality of our existence for us.

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