Figure 2 The four quarters of the brain

I have deliberately used two kinds of language in Figure 2. The first set of words is neutral, while the second and third are more obviously biased, the kind of things you might hear in an office or from teenagers at home!

Throughout Power Up Your Mind, you will be finding out

Unpacking Your Mind about ways of analyzing yourself as a learner. It is very important to realize that there are no right or wrong ways of approaching life and learning. Each is equally valuable. Each characteristic is capable of being described positively and negatively. And the most important thing of all is that you can change the way you do things. You can learn to work and live smarter!

In many workplaces, left-brain characteristics appear to be the ones that are most valued. Increasingly, however, the more creative elements offered by right-brain thinking are being acknowledged as just as important.

If you have developed the capacity to use your brain effectively, then you will be able to use positive words from all of the segments to describe your behavior at work. In other words, you will have learned how to acquire a range of different characteristics.

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