Maryjo Scrivani

This book could not have been written without the loving support of my wife, Henrietta, who read every page of the manuscript and helped me to say what I meant, nor without the many practical insights I have gained from my son, Thomas.

I am particularly grateful for all those who have allowed me to interview them in depth: Sir Bob Reid, friend and one of the most experienced business leaders I know; Joyce Taylor, Managing Director of Discovery Networks Europe; Lord Marshall, Chairman of British Airways; Neil Chambers, Director of London's Natural History Museum; Will Hutton, Chief Executive of the Industrial Society, author, and ex-Fleet Street Editor; Hilary Cropper, Chief Executive of the FI Group plc; Chris Mellor, Group Managing Director of Anglian Water; Zoe Van Zwanenberg, Chief Executive of the Scottish Leadership Foundation; Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Managing Director of Virgin One Account; Sir Michael Bichard, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Education and Employment; and Professor Amin Rajan, author, strategist, and Chief Executive of Create.

A number of people kindly read the manuscript and offered me excellent advice: Dr Peter Honey, Managing Director of Peter Honey Learning; John Grant, Co-Founder of St Luke's and now Owner Manager of The John Grant; Maryjo Scrivani and Michael Joseph, Co-Directors of Partners in Learning; Mike Leibling, Director of Trainset and formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi; Mark Watson, Managing Director of Purple Works; and Professor Bob Fryer, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Southampton University and the chief architect of Britain's strategy for lifelong learning. Toby Greany and Michelle Wake at the Campaign for Learning; Akber Pandor, Head of Learning at KPMG; and Nicholas Brealey and Sue Coll, my excellent publishers, have been particularly helpful with the structure and title of the book and with many useful ideas.

In shaping my thoughts I have benefited enormously from those with whom I have worked and come into contact in the last few years: Simon Greenly, Chairman of the Campaign for Learning; Dr. Javier Bajer, Chief Executive of the Talent Foundation; Professor Guy Claxton, author and thinker about lifelong learning; Arie de Geus, author and management expert; Charles Handy, author and management guru; Tony Buzan, author and Chairman of the Brain Trust; Sir Christopher Ball, Chancellor of Derby University and Founding Patron of the Campaign for Learning; Colin Rose, Managing Director of Accelerated Learning Systems, author, and inspirational thinker; Alistair Smith, inspirational trainer, writer, and Director of Alite; Jim Smith and Andrea Spurling, Co-Directors of Bamford Taggs; Ian Windle, Managing Director of Celemi Ltd; Professor Susan Greenfield, eminent scientist, broadcaster, and author; and all those not mentioned here whose ideas have helped me develop mine.

Most recently, I have been particularly stimulated by a series of seminars held at the Royal Institution and organized by the Lifelong Learning Foundation. If I have made any mistakes in my interpretation of current neuroscience, I hope my new scientific friends will forgive me and help me to correct the errors for subsequent editions.

And finally, thanks go to my amazing team at the Campaign for Learning, who have been a constant source of motivation and inspiration to me for the last four years.

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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