If you are not familiar with this style of note making make a mind map of the things you want to do this coming weekend and see how it works for you

An excellent example of someone who really uses her visual memory is Jayne-Anne Gadhia, managing director of the UK financial services company, Virgin One Account. Jayne-Anne never writes things down. Instead, she "visualizes lists." As a busy executive, she always has a million and one things going on. Yet, she very rarely forgets anything and can surprise her secretary with her total recall of detail. To ensure that she can focus on one thing at a time, she has developed an interesting technique, managing her memory through visualization:

I think of my mind as a set of new pigeonholes. At any one time I only ever have one open. I consciously visualize the closing and opening of the pigeonholes.

Colin Marshall also has strong views about this area:

I believe everyone has a latent photographic memory. It simply has to be exercised and trained in order to achieve its potential for organizing and remembering things. I have no mnemonics that I am conscious of, but find that if I concentrate on statistics and information, making a mental picture of the words and numbers, they stay with me.

Another interesting approach to note taking is called "free-noting." It was invented by American Win Wenger and is the note-taking equivalent of brainstorming. Instead of organizing your notes into a map or a series of linear notes of the kind that many of us were taught at school, you write down whatever comes into your head during a learning experience. Instead of trying to group your thoughts, you simply allow your pen (or fingers if you are using a laptop computer) to wander as you listen or watch.

The theory behind this kind of approach is that it allows ideas to enter your mind more freely and subliminally as well as consciously. It also makes it more likely that you will connect the learning to your more personal thoughts and so be likely to remember it more clearly.

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