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Once upon a time there was a very popular and well-attended Buddhist temple in China. It was the most popular and most well attended temple in the whole country. This continued for many years. And then a strange thing happened. Over a long period of time, the temple became less popular and less attended until finally, there was only a hand full of monks left to show tourists around the deteriorating buildings. At last, there were no tourists either and the remaining monks thought that they had better discover what they were doing wrong before their order became extinct and there was no one left to attend to the buildings. So they hired a Jewish Rabbi to come and assist them. The Rabbi was to spend one week with the monks and at the end of that week give them a report.

As the days passed, the Rabbi spent his time doing all that the Buddhist monks would do: eating, sleeping, praying, and teaching. At the end of the week, the monks called upon the Rabbi to give them a report so they could increase the number of people who would attend their temple.

The Rabbi was very polite and said, "In all your traditions you do so well. You pray every day several times. You eat your meals in the tradition of your order. You teach each other and meditate often. In all these and many more things you perform flawlessly. And yet you are missing one essential thing."

The monks asked anxiously, "What is it that we lack, that keeps us from drawing in the large numbers of people our order did centuries ago? What could it possibly be? Like you said, we do all the things according to our order and help many people, and yet our order is failing and is near extinction. What is it that we yet lack?"

The Rabbi looked at each of the monks gathered together and said, "One of you is God."

With that statement, the monks looked at one another very closely, "Could it be you brother Chang? You feed the poor your meals each evening and healed a bird yesterday. Or you, brother Xing? We observed you secretly helping a poor widow overcome her grief at the death of her husband. Or you, brother Yang? Was it not you who sought to cleanse the leper last year and saw to his needs until the end?"

The monks continued to question just which of them it might be. And as they did so, people became interested in the temple where God dwells. Soon the temple was filled to capacity and the former glory was rekindled in the people. You see, it was not the deeds of the monks that made the difference. It was their thoughts. As they looked to find the godly in men, they would find it. And in so doing, they found it in themselves as well.

Seek to find the good; notice that which is well first; pretend that everyone you meet could be God because it could be so.

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