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Light-Speed Reading utilizes this innate ability to create what we see to fill-in the details of the story as you see each page. What's more, even if you were to read the story slowly, the same thing would occur - you would settle in on a pattern of story line and fill in the rest - sometimes even "spacing out" while you read, yet still coming away with a story. Have you ever found yourself "awakening" after reading for a while and wonder what you just read? In that time when your reading went on autopilot, you were probably daydreaming or contemplating some other subject. Most of us tend to return a few paragraphs or sentences to retrieve what we think we have lost. And yet, it is just like the dots exercise - your mind filled in the story behind your daydream - you just didn't believe it - so you turned back the text until you felt that you could connect the pattern of the story and continue on.

It's conditioning that forces us to continually read in circles - forward a way then circle back, then forward again reading the same material over and over until we think we have it. The joke on us is that our marvelous minds have had it all along. It's only our conditioning, our habits that slow us down. You did not have to do anything special to "see" the lines continue across the page - your mind simply did it for you. You don't have to work at reading; your mind does it automatically. With practice, the skill becomes a principle and then it becomes you.

Light-Speed Reading is simply a return to who we are: the Light that already knows it all. We are merely remembering our selves. Allowing visual reading to be like the dots exercise - natural and normal - returns us to our native powerful self. It's a matter of awareness.

Your brain/mind has two halves or hemispheres that play together in a dance of harmony and rhythm. Sometimes that harmony and rhythm is somewhat troubled or awkward. So often our conditioning, our habits, our traditions, get in the way of smooth and harmonious integration of our two halves. The great eastern religions call these halves yin (feminine principle) and yang (masculine principle). They are represented quite obviously in our brain hemispheres. The objective of Light-Speed Reading is a smooth integration of left (masculine) and right (feminine) hemispheres.

Have you ever watched great dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers perform? The movement is so graceful and fluid. When one moves the other moves to enhance the other's performance and we applaud and pay them great sums of money. We are reminded when we see such performances of our own integrative process within our minds - the dance between our masculine manifestation energy and our feminine knowingness. It's a dance that we choreograph and produce. We introduce coaches throughout our lives that teach us how to dance; yet it is our own choices that make our dance our own (any good dancer will tell you that every performance is different and unique - just like our own thought processes - similar, yet distinctly different from anyone else).

Light-Speed Reading is a choreographed effort of harmony and rhythm that is intended to bring both hemispheres, both energies, together. As you learn to respect your feminine energies and appreciate your masculine energies, you will move into a realm of light-speed possibilities and increased awareness. It is a realm of light and energy, oneness and wholeness, unbounded by limiting thoughts. This Light-Speed Reading course is as much a self-assisted therapy as it is a course in reading skills. As you develop your reading abilities, you will simultaneously develop your integrative, self-empowering, light-speed awareness.

You are more than whatever you think you are. Living in a dimension of perceived limitation gives us the opportunity to experience what it is to be less than all. Yet, the funny part is that we are all. We just perceive that we are not. It is a choice we make to experience limitation. Depending upon what we focus attention, we get a different experience. For example, stare at the star below. Keep staring until you see a "hole" into another dimension. When you do, change your perception to see another perspective. Then another. How many perspectives can you imagine with the same "star"?

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