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Cameron Crawford is the name of the hypnosis master who developed a full unique hypnosis course called Black Ops Hypnosis 2, also known as underground hypnosis or covert hypnosis. He worked closely with a guy who he only discloses as the Professor for two years to develop the most controversial and effective secrets of mind control. He is the only protg of the Professor and nowadays known to be among the most powerful experts of mind control in the entire world. The actual product is basically a course on various techniques of hypnosis. It comes in a series of training audio tracks which explain the mind control and hypnosis techniques in extreme details. It actually a first of its kind to hit the public market and the reviews and testimonials that are rolling back in are very positive. That can only be as a result of how effective and powerful the techniques are. There are 8 featured tracks to describe the various techniques of Dark Side Hypnosis. This course is basically for anyone with a need to get a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions on a social level. Its only intended for good use and by no means should it be used negatively. Continue reading...

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The Art of Stage Hypnosis Summary

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Hypnosis and the paranormal

As we mentioned earlier, the Marquis de Puysegur reported that some of his subjects demonstrated remarkable clairvoyance while under hypnosis. If that was really the case - if hypnotism could stimulate extrasensory perception - then why were his findings not confirmed by other cases Fearing ridicule, the Academy refused to publish Husson's report. A new study, led by Dr. Dubois, a virulent adversary of magnetism, was commissioned. Dubois refuted all of Husson's findings, including the existences of an induced state of hypnosis. Was Husson's original report frivolous and unscientific Not according to a study of hypnosis commissioned by the British Medical Association in 1953, which confirmed many of his findings, and went so far as to say that . the conclusions in (Dr. Husson's) report demonstrated remarkable foresight, and are, in large part, still valid today. We certify that this report is an accurate description of the results obtained during the hypnosis session, conducted without...

Exercise 176 Learning Self Hypnosis

In 1779, Mesmer published his theories and discoveries regarding animal magnetism. By 1825, the procedure was recognized as hypnosis, but not understood. Although still not fully understood, hypnosis has more recently graduated to medicine and dentistry. The power of hypnosis comes via suggestion. Suggestion (positive or negative) can have startling effects on the mind body combination, but how does hypnosis differ from mere suggestion The variable is belief. Positive suggestion during hypnosis is the trigger that initiates the process of belief for a positive outcome. Throughout your day, negative and positive statements repeated enough times create a belief system for the subconscious mind to act upon. During hypnosis, suggestions somehow bypass the normal channels of debatable consideration and are simply accepted and believed. Just how readily they are believed depends upon your already established moral and psychological personality traits. Perhaps there is an area in your mind...

The Dangers of Parapsychology

However, the writer added, the most important aspect of the seminar for me is kind of hard to talk about because it concerns my own personal experience rather than some objectively verifiable phenomenon like healing. What I'm trying to explain is what the seminar did for me, in terms of developing my personality. Call it whatever you want - the power of suggestion, self hypnosis, it doesn't matter. The fact is, I came out of the seminar with the feeling that I have this amazing tool at my disposal, something that can really help me change the things I believe are wrong with me. I can make use of this newly discovered aspect of my mind to attain whatever goals I set for myself, and get results even without making any special effort. I wouldn't go so far as to say that my life has been transformed, but I would say that both my private and professional life, my relations with other people, and especially the way I see myself, underwent a drastic change, almost from one day to the next....

Here are a few examples

Mylan Ryzl, a biochemist who became interested in parapsychology, and more specifically in the development of paranormal faculties, used hypnosis and suggestion to help a colleague, Pavel Stepanek, become one of the greatest mediums of our time. Home, the celebrated British medium, always relaxed before his demonstrations. Alla Vinogradova, the wife of a Russian physician, used autogenic training (a form of self hypnosis) to develop powers of psychokinesis. Marcotte and Mendez, both specialists in telepathy, also used autogenic training to develop their paranormal faculties.

The extraordinary Edgar Cayce

In October, 1910, the Times of London ran the following headline ILLITERATE BECOME GREAT PHYSICIAN UNDER HYPNOSIS. The strange powers exhibited by Edgar Cayce rocked the very foundations of the medical world. Cayce, who did not need to be possessed by a deceased doctor in order to cure people, seemed to have inherited the paranormal faculties of the Marquis de Puysegur who, in a state of hypnosis, was able to diagnose patients' health problems, and then prescribe appropriate remedies. Having mastered the technique of self hypnosis, Cayce would simply lie down and take a few deep breaths. In just a moment or two his eyes would start fluttering and his body would begin twitching, signaling the onset of the trance state. An assistant would recite the following instructions Firstly, the formula recited to him as he entered a state of hypnosis somehow triggered his powers of clairvoyance Secondly, the prescriptions he offered to patients became doubly effective because of the nature of...

Exercise 179 Learn Through Time Distortion

In this hectic fast pace world, accelerated learning techniques are becoming increasingly more valuable. Learning through time distortion is harnessing the subconscious through conscious direction. Instant mental calculators and high speed readers (over 2,000 wpm) experience a sense of time distortion as information flashes through their mind in only seconds. Through self-hypnosis, you too can learn to review information in a time distorted fashion. Use an audible second-ticking clock or a metronome stroking at 60 beats per minute. Assume a comfortable position in a chair or a bed, and achieve a self-hypnotic state (review Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ). After getting into a deeply relaxed state, your heartbeat will entrain itself to the slow rhythm of 60 beats per minute. Concentrate on deep rhythmic breathing and clear your mind to allow your brain waves to also slow down. tice this exercise, the easier it will become. Bring yourself out of the self-hypnotic state by counting...

Mental Dynamics In Search of a Unified Theory

Although psychocybernetic techniques are usually practiced in a state of ordinary relaxation, I was convinced that the same techniques could be doubly effective if applied to persons in an altered state of consciousness. For that reason I became interested in self-hypnosis, biofeedback and sophrology. It was while attending a seminar based on Silva's Mind Control technique

Exercise 199 Speed Reading At Over 2000 WPM

As you progress, you might also cock your head to the right and look at the printed material slightly in the left field of vision while reading. This projects the material directly to your right brain, which is the side with the high speed reading skill. You can also experiment and position the book above eye level by cocking your head downward and tilt the eyes upwards for the reading process. Just like in Exercise -- Meditation and Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis, the eyes tilted up

The beginnings of hypnotism

When he made his discovery public in 1784, Mesmer minimized its importance, claiming that he knew of the phenomenon, but did not consider it worthy of study. This product of the imagination, it seemed to him, would be very difficult, if not impossible to comprehend, and in any case was much less interesting than the study of physiology. De Puysegur, undaunted by the master's criticism, continued to research the phenomenon on his own, and was amazed to find that some persons seemed to develop paranormal faculties while under hypnosis. Three centuries before the birth of Christ, Druids combined hypnosis and music to induce a state which they called the 'magic sleep.' rity. Magnetism remained an unreliable therapeutic tool, although it did yield excellent results in the hands of a few, notably Baron du Potet, Dr. John Eliotson, Bertrand, La Fontaine and others. Bertrand discovered that staring at an inanimate object could induce a state of somnolence, but it was James...

Exercise 82 Developing A Photographic Memory

If we remember something under hypnosis that we didn't remember out of hypnosis, then there must be either something impeding the associative retrieval process in our conscious state or the retrieval cues are more efficiently organized during hypnosis or both. During hypnosis, there is a quieting of the busy conscious mind, and a searching of the subconscious storehouse for the needed information.

Storying Restorying Framing

Further, as a multi-level device, we can use story to communicate on numerous levels at the same time. Milton Erickson's genius reveled in this very thing. Via metaphors he would communicate with both the conscious and unconscious facets of mind simultaneously. In this way, he provided the conscious mind a fun and entertaining message he distracted them with content while simultaneously he would address deeper concerns via the structure of the story. The surface story primarily keeps the conscious mind occupied. The deeper (or higher) structural message then carries over to the unconscious mind through the story's similarities. Accordingly, we primarily use stories and metaphors in hypnosis.

Exercise 196 Levitation

Now sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take several, deep, abdominal breaths. Progressively relax all the muscles of your body from your toes to your head. With your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs upwards and say, Relax to yourself. Feel your whole body in a relaxed state and clear your mind (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ). Now using a mental kinesthetic rhythm, visualize your body pulsing with energy upwards in a slow lifting motion as you inwardly say, Lift Lift, and feel your body acquiring a sense of lightness. Let your mind harmonize its brain wave level with the resonant frequency of the earth at 7.82 cycles per second. The synchrony of the mental affirmation, Lift, with the pulsing visualization upwards takes practice, but eventually your mind body thought process will tangibly manifest itself in a physical way and levitation will be achieved. Once achieved, it will not be difficult to repeat.

Exercise 212 Functioning on Little or No Sleep at

This exercise should only be done after mastering Exercise -- Self-Hypnosis or Exercise -- Self-Induced Trance, and it certainly should not be performed if there is a medical reason to discourage it. Also this exercise will only be of benefit to you if you have special reasons to utilize it. Since most people spend 1 3 of their life asleep, dynamic individuals have found that sleeping less has enabled them to accomplish more.

Become telepathic in a few minutes

It often happens that the person will feel that they are being watched, and turn around. Soviet researchers conducted experiments which proved that this type of innate survival reaction does indeed exist in humans. One Soviet researcher, Kuni, tried combining images and tactile sensations in his experiments on telepathy. In one experiment he attempted to transmit the image and the sensation of a hot cup of tea to 17 persons in a state of hypnosis. All the subjects experienced a sensation of heat, to a greater or lesser degree. In another experiment he pricked himself with a needle. Once again all 17 subjects reacted, most of them by crying out in pain.

Exercise 2 Anchoring Positive States of Mind

Throughout your life, haphazard anchors get neurologically created whenever your mind and body are strongly involved together and a specific stimulus is repeatedly provided at the peak of a certain state. Afterwards, whenever the stimulus that acts as an anchor is provided, your response is to experience the state once again. An anchor can be an external or internal stimulus that triggers a physiological or psychological response. Just as a single spoken word given as a post-hypnotic suggestion can elicit the state of hypnosis, a single word, visualization or motor movement can also be used to bring about any other state you are seeking to elicit. How long a neurological link lasts varies, but the more individualistically unique the anchor is, the better its chances of lasting longer. How long a state lasts also varies, but a desired state can be initiated and consciously reinforced through a specific process.

How to develop paranormal faculties

Between 1966 and 1969, extensive research on ESP was carried out in many eastern European countries. Two American journalists published the findings of these studies in a book entitled 'Amazing Parapsychological Discoveries in the USSR.'The book became the center of a storm of controversy in the U.S. NASA, which was already studying what it called 'electromagnetic communication between living organisms,' redoubled its efforts to outdo the Soviets, the rivalry between the two super powers serving to accelerate further research. About twenty universities established departments for the study of parapsychology. The Maimonides Medical Center in New York set up a dream laboratory where parapsychological phenomena occurring during sleep or under hypnosis were studied. The Advanced Research Projects Agency, a branch of the Pentagon, was granted a research contract in collaboration with Stanford University to study paranormal phenomena.

Christian Science and Suggestion

Phineas Parkhurst Quimbey, a watchmaker living in New Orleans in the mid 1800's, was well aware of the importance of suggestion. An avid practitioner of what was then still called magnetism (later referred to as hypnosis), Quimbey noticed something unusual during diagnosis prescription sessions, his subject seemed to prescribe remedies and treatments which, although often apparently inappropriate, seemed to be just as effective for curing patients.

How to get rid of your complexes and be yourself

Myers, a well known psychologist, explained how persons who were ordinarily shy and withdrawn could be transformed into brilliant orators under hypnosis by being purged of memories of past failures. In fact, the same effect can also be achieved on conscious subjects.

Suggestion over distances

Pierre Janet, a young doctor who would later become a Professor at the Medical College of France, assumed the role of defending the legitimacy of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, emphasizing an approach which he called mental suggestion. And yet, after a couple of years of continued interest, no more was heard about the experiments. Janet himself became more involved in studying hypnosis as part of a larger field which he called 'psychological medicine,' an early attempt to understand and treat what have come to be known as psychosomatic disorders. Why did he abandon pure hypnosis No doubt because of the vagaries of the procedure, and the fierce opposition he encountered among members of the medical profession and other men of science towards anything that had to do with the paranormal. This opposition, as John W. Campbell noted, was democratic in nature society was refusing to admit that all men were, perhaps, not created equal, since only one subject out of a hundred seemed gifted...

Sophrology is a philosophy

The philosophy of sophrology is probably its most interesting aspect. In classical hypnosis, the hypnotist always assumed a dominant role in relation to his or her subject, issuing commands which were sometimes contradictory to the will or desire of the subject in question. I once heard a hypnotist attending a conference on sophrology utter the following statement Why waste time teaching subjects to relax Even if they don't want to, all you have to do is force them - put them under, then suggest that they feel calm and relaxed. It's so easy

Exercise 20 Meditation

After mastering the concentration exercises and gaining control over your attention, you are ready for meditation. There is a contemplative stage between pure concentration and deep meditation that you might experience. It isn't necessarily detrimental, but it is the point where you can hallucinate and relate what you think are mystical experiences. You should be very wary of visions encountered while attempting meditation. You could be easily fooled with false notions from this curious limbo region between hypnosis and meditation. Just observe, proceed and experience any visions encountered, without judgment. Another meditation exercise is focusing your attention on the inner sound in your ears. You can perceive this subtle sound in the quiet of your own home. Sufferers of tinnitus hear this inner sound in their ears (generated from the cochlea of the inner ear) as a loud pathological noise. You can also meditate on the inner light in your head by closing and raising your eyes to...

Exercise 145 Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals

And tension to dissipate (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and the breathing exercises). Allow yourself to slip into a twilight state of mind just before the sleep level (review Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ). Now use your imagination and create an image of what it would feel like if your dream or goal were fulfilled. Visualize it for 7 seconds. Don't just imagine a passive scene, but fully associate yourself with the goal experience of an active, vigorous scene. Add to the goal as many details as you need, and visualize it again for 7 seconds. Add to your vision all the sensory data and feelings of accomplishment you intend to achieve upon your goal's realization. See where you want to be. Hear the sounds of the people involved. Feel textures and smell fragrances in your visualization. Emotionalize with it, and visualize it in this way for 7 seconds. Mind walk the whole imagery through to completion. Think prosperity, achievement and success, and create a...

Exercise 206 Role Taking As An Actor

Experiments have shown that students in art classes can develop rapidly into advanced, sophisticated artists under hypnosis, when they believed themselves to be some famous painter of the past. Even in so doing they develop their own style and ability. Through the technique of self-hypnotic time distortion (review Exercise -Learn Through Time Distortion ), you can even create lengthy sessions of instruction and practice within only minutes of real time. Since a hypnotized person can impersonate someone fairly accurately, you can do it too, even without hypnosis. This practice of assuming beneficial roles can make big changes in your life.

Exercise 215 Sending Bulk Information Telepathically

After mastering Exercise -- Audio Telepathy and Exercise -- Visual Telepathy, you are ready to combine those techniques with those learned in Exercise -- Learn Through Time Distortion. Assume a comfortable position and face your partner (who has also mastered the aforementioned exercises). Both of you should now get into a self-hypnotic state (review Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ) and clear your minds. Have someone start a metronome at 60 beats per minute. The sender now uses the time distortion technique, and experiences each beat interval as 4 minutes apart. The sender acknowledges that this is so by saying, I'm ready. The sender reviews the material mentally in a time distorted fashion as he reaches out with his mind and transmits it to the receiver. The receiver now mentally pulses his body towards the sender as in Exercise -- Audio Telepathy. Even though the receiver's mind is not in a time distorted mode, the transmission is readily acknowledged and received almost in a...

Exercise 178 Time Distortion

Begin this exercise by assuming a very relaxed state to achieve the rapport necessary to create an alteration of perceived time. Next, review Exercise - Learning Self-Hypnosis and achieve a self-hypnotic state. To initiate progress in time distortion, begin with remembering your morning hours in a quick succession of mental flashes -- from getting out of bed to going about your morning activities. Now recall the hours after that and so on. Using your imagination, this will become easy and should be practiced frequently.

States of consciousness

Ideally, publicists would place target populations in a state of hypnosis in order to ensure that suggested modes of behavior become engraved in their minds, without being blocked by the rational neo-cortex. This is more or less what happens to people who shop in large department stores, supermarkets or malls - soothing musak, the vast array of merchandise to choose from, subliminal odors, free samples, etc., are all designed to make shoppers lose their sense of time, and spend more than they may have intended when they walked in. The type of mild concentration required to watch TV also places viewers in a state that is very close to hypnosis. Driving a car on the highway can have the same effect the purring of the engine, the comfortable seats, the monotony of the passing scenery, combine to place you in a state of mind that is very receptive to suggestion. Advertisers take full advantage of the situation, transmitting powerful suggestive messages on billboards, bus and truck panels,...

How are such suggestions transformed into acts

Research on hypnosis, and later on psychology and psychoanalysis, has enabled us to gain a better understanding of the mechanism of suggestion. In the same way that sophrologists are sometimes able to affect miraculous cures using terpnos logos, other disciplines have been using various techniques to achieve the same result. All however, are based on the principles of suggestion we have just outlined.

The Salpetriere School

In 1878 a neurologist at the height of his career, Dr. Charcot, became interested in hypnosis. Nicknamed the Caesar of Salpetriere Hospital, Dr. Char-cot conducted experiments that he hoped would become the foundation of a new type of psychology, supported by pathological research. Unfortunately, he made a number of errors, one of which was to delegate the task of hypnotizing subjects to other doctors and interns. He would then show up and pontificate in front of crowds of people who knew nothing at all about what he was trying to achieve.

Exercise 118 Closing Off One Of Your Senses

Through hypnosis, it has been shown that one or more of your senses can be temporarily shut down, but there are other techniques that can accomplish the same thing without hypnosis. To have the sense of feeling disappear in your arm, stroke the skin on the back of your one hand and arm with the fingers of your other hand, while suggesting that the sensation of feeling disappear. Stop after about a minute then repeat the process. Practice this exercise for 5 one-minute trials per day, and soon the suggestion will become so real that a pin stuck into your skin will not be felt.

Exercise 78 Positivity For A Better Memory

Research has revealed that there are powerful suggestive elements to memory recall. The importance of suggestion in memory is exemplified in hypnosis when the suggestion -- you will NOT remember is implanted and that is indeed what happens. The subconscious mind believes this suggestion under hypnosis and does not allow the conscious mind to remember out of hypnosis.

Exercise 27 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Limb Heaviness

What you are achieving here is a consciously directed altered state of awareness, similar to self-hypnosis. With continued practice, you will get use to producing a physical response by simply suggesting it. After mastering this conditioning exercise, you will be able to bring about this adjusted state in yourself in less than a minute, and under any circumstances.

Exercise 186 Distant Examinations

For this exercise, work with a partner until you become proficient. Then afterwards, you can work on your own. Assume a self-hypnotic state (review Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ) and tell your partner when you have achieved it. Now have your partner tell you the full name, address, age and sex of a person that he knows very well, but that you don't know at all. Now visualize this person in your mind's eye. Let your partner guide you by asking you questions about the subject. Do you perceive any abnormalities or unhealthy conditions present in the subject Scan the body from head to toe and pick out any areas that attract your attention. First impressions are important, so speak up when you see something.

Exercise 200 High Speed Listening

Depending upon the quality of the tape recording device, information can be progressively speeded up to 10 or 20 times normal speed and still be intelligibly assimilated. For this exercise, you need to create just such a tape first. Assume a self-hypnotic state and use the time distortion technique with a metronome (review Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis and Exercise -- Learn Through Time Distortion ). Indicate when you have achieved a time distorted perception by saying to an assistant, I'm ready. At this point, the information tape is played to you through a head set at the high speed rate. You'll find that with practice, greater quantities of information can be absorbed in this way in a shorter span of time.

Exercise 155 Activity Visualization

Research has shown that when hypnotized subjects were convinced they possessed a certain skill, they improved in that skill when they acted out the role under hypnosis. For instance, if a hypnotized subject was told he was a chess master, his chess playing ability improved dramatically under hypnosis. Studies have also revealed that when slower students were treated as if they were bright students, they performed better as well. The idea with both of these examples is that the more you are convinced that you can perform a certain way, the better you will respond in that direction.

Exercise 156 Weight Control

Is your weight totally dependent upon your calorie intake and the amount of your physical exercise The various experiments in hypnosis have shown how the human mind can affect the body. What you can do under hypnosis, you can learn to do without hypnosis. Stress and tension can produce a retention of ingested materials, just as relaxation can allow a more thorough flushing and expulsion of same. Constipation, gastric difficulties and many overweight problems occur with tense, negative attitudes. By relaxing and relieving a stressful attitude, many internal problems are relieved as well. Through the power of visualization and suggestion, you can actually eat what you want and still lose weight The elements of your ingested food can either be assimilated or passed. Your metabolic rate can either be stepped up or lowered, and you learn that you are in complete charge of all your bodily functions. As autogenic training and hypnosis have demonstrated, many physiological changes respond...

Here is an excerpt from his report

It is also possible to create emotional situations that force subjects under hypnosis to override their moral principles (saving a child, for example, or avenging the murder of a spouse). This disproves the notion that hypnotized persons cannot commit acts that run contrary to their conscience. Police organizations around the world have files on people who have committed crimes while under hypnosis. Like nuclear energy, the power of suggestion and other paranormal faculties can be used for good or for evil. Should we, then, refuse to use them altogether Some types of medication can become poison when taken in overly large doses. Should we prohibit their use because someone might not follow the prescription The same question can be applied to all areas of scientific research. As one scientist put it, 'Science without conscience is the downfall of the soul.

Exercise 113 Eyeless Sight

Under hypnosis, people proceed much faster in the training process of finger and skin perception, because they accept the power of suggestion and believe they can do it. It also has been found that if your finger temperature is down to around 70 -75 F, your perception is off a bit. If your finger temperature is over 90 F and the colored construction paper is at room temperature, your perception is heightened (review Exercise -- Seeing With Your Skin & Body ). In fact, experiments reveal that the greater the difference between the temperature of the hand and the temperature of the object, the better the result.


Positive formulations are more or less the same thing as suggestions made under self hypnosis. We prefer the term formulation simply because the word hypnosis is burdened with a number of negative connotations(Caycedo coined the terms sophrology and terpnos logos for the same reasons). A participant at an alpha seminar phrased it well Words like autosuggestion and self hypnosis are outdated and somehow childish. I like the term positive formulation because it's new and positive.

Autogenic Training

Hypnosis is in decline, as far as its therapeutic use is concerned. Criticism centers around the fact that subjects are completely passive and dependent on the hypnotist, enabling suggestions to be made that may run counter to their better judgement. J.H. Schultz a young doctor fascinated by a new discipline called psychotherapy, became interested in hypnosis and suggestion, claiming that it is possible for certain gifted and cultivated individuals to enter a state of hypnosis of their own accord, simply through an effort of will (the idea of self hypnosis had originally been proposed by Oscar Vogt). It occurred to Schultz to try and develop a method of self hypnosis where subjects could make suggestions to themselves that would cause these same sensations of heat and heaviness to arise. Why Because a feeling of heaviness is an indication of muscular relaxation, while heat indicates a dilation of peripheral blood vessels.

The Nancy School

Liebault, living near the town of Nancy in France, received a letter from a colleague which described how a certain Dr. Broca had been able to perform an operation on a patient under hypnosis. Dr. Liebault, who had expressed a previous interest in hypnotism, decided to pick up where Dr. Braid had left off. His method, which gradually evolved into the type of verbal suggestion used today, produced immediate results. He would tell patients to concentrate on an object, and at the same time describe symptoms of somnolence - heavy eyelids, relaxed limbs, dulling of the senses, etc. On one occasion he cured the patient of a colleague, who happened to be a highly respected member of the medical community. The evidence was plain for all to see - hypnosis did, indeed, exist, and could be used to cure people. Liebault became a celebrity in the medical world. Although Liebault used suggestion to cure patients, he still maintained an interest in Mesmer's theory of magnetic fluids....

Right Brain Decisions

You sense that it is in your best interest. When your brain wave activity is reduced with techniques such as hypnosis and meditation, or when you take a nap, the left brain shuts down and you gain access to the right brain, which houses your intuition. Your right brain also becomes dominant when you are highly aroused. Activities such as jogging and brisk walking can provide you with the necessary brain wave activity to experience your greatest flashes of insight.

Waking up at will

In another case, a student was able to obtain equally consistent results simply by doing a little self hypnosis before falling asleep. No need to pray to dead souls or a departed husband. She could even program herself to wake up a few times during the same night. Actually, there is no need to contact the dead or engage in self hypnosis in order to wake up whenever you want. All you have to do is visualize an alarm clock before falling asleep. First imagine that the hands are pointing to the actual time, and then imagine them moving around and around until they reach the time you want to wake up. Think, All I have to do to wake up on time, feeling alert and refreshed, is concentrate on the image of the clock. You can reinforce the program the following morning by saying, Each time I use this mental technique, it will be more accurate.

Other Benefits

Time travel borders on self-hypnosis, but it comes with no health warnings and you won't need the click of someone's fingers to wake you. When I relax in my sauna of early childhood memories, I adopt the same frame of mind I had all those years ago carefree, innocent, untroubled. Only then do I realize how much my expectations and opinions have changed.

The power to do harm

Nevertheless, I am convinced that people who really want to use their paranormal faculties for immoral purposes can do so. Whether they use autosuggestion, hypnosis or mental dynamics to do so makes no difference at all. They will find a way if that is what they really want. Hypnotists are careful to propagate the myth that people under hypnosis cannot be forced to do anything that goes against their will or better judgement. In fact a skilled and determined hypnotist can make his subjects do more or less whatever he wants. Jules Liegeois, a professor of law in France, and a friend of Bernheim (a famous hypnotist), suggested a series of experiments to test that very theory.

A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been defined as a state of heightened suggestibility in which the subject is able to uncritically accept ideas for self-improvement and act on them appropriately. When a hypnotist hypnotizes his subject, it is known as hetero-hypnosis. When an individual puts himself into a state of hypnosis, it is known as self-hypnosis.

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