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Hypertension Exercise Program

Blue Heron Health News has a blood pressure program that promises to help you lower your blood pressure with just 3 easy exercises. The principle behind Blue Heron Health News blood pressure program is what the author calls the focused break. This is a special breathing technique that enables blood vessels to relax, stimulating the cardiovascular system. Along with the main program, you also get a bonus called The Natural Blood Pressure Lifestyle Report. This report complements the blood pressure program by helping you understand how high blood pressure occurs, how you can tweak your diet and lower it, different herbal medications that can help, and how your lifestyle can influence your blood pressure in a big way, plus much more. Read more here...

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Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this ebook, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I decided to buy a copy myself to find out what all the fuss was about.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Natural Solutions To High Blood Pressure

This is what you get: step by step instructions (we call it a quick guide) on how to lower your blood pressure. You will love this quick guide! 30 easy methods and remedies that will lower your blood pressure. extensive info on what causes high blood pressure and it's consequences. how to avoid high blood pressure in the future. special chapters on high blood pressure and women. Read more here...

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The High Blood Pressure Remedy Report

Learn Exactly How To STOP High Blood Pressure And Eliminate Your Risk Of A Heart Attack Or Stroke, In Just A Few Short Days, Using A Step By Step Natural Home Remedy - With No Worry, No Wasted Money, No Pain, and No Harmful Drugs. Read more here...

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Blood Pressure Decreaser

Blood Pressure Decreaser is the best product that helps every user to follow the natural methods given in his daily life in order to stop damaging other organ functions and other disorders. This product will provide 100% natural relief to the cause and will allow you to recover your lost health so as to say goodbye to hypertension. Just spend a few minutes a day to learn about the ancient secret tribal natural methods that you can use to control your blood pressure without wasting your precious time and time. Even the most uncomfortable symptoms such as the presence of blood in the urine, difficulty breathing, fatigue, chest burns, irregular heartbeats, and other problems. This revolutionary natural method will guide you to begin to change your life by taking the right combination of healthy foods, herbs, spices, secret natural ingredients, meat and more to refresh your entire body at a given moment.Blood Pressure Decreaser will show how the ancient Tsimane tribe, installed in the Bolivian rainforest, used this natural method to avoid the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack by following useful herbs, spices, and a diet plan to start to heal yourself without losing your treatment. a happy life. This product recommends to all those suffering from it to take the right diet, rich in coenzyme Q10, as an antioxidant that you can find especially in fish, nuts, meat, and other foods to reduce hypertension. It offers 100% natural remedies that have been proven and will allow everyone to decrease blood pressure in a few days. Read more here...

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Memory Loss Following Heart Surgery

You have hypertension if your systolic blood pressure (the pressure while the heart is beating) is consistently 140 mm Hg or higher or if your diastolic blood pressure (the pressure between beats) is consistently 90 mm Hg or higher. We think that hypertension impairs memory by damaging tiny blood vessels that terminate in the brain's white matter, the bundles of axons that transmit messages throughout the brain and central nervous system. Lesions, or abnormalities, in white matter occur to some degree in virtually everyone older than age sixty and contribute to age-related memory loss. But people with hypertension have more extensive white matter damage than same-age peers with normal blood pressure. Research suggests that hypertension that is inadequately treated might also predispose you to dementia. There's an additive effect brain imaging studies suggest that increased blood pressure can cause small strokes, which can then cause dementia. Hypertension also...

The Roots of Ayurveda

Tained a great deal of practical information and advice for everyday living. A number of Ayurvedic and related remedies have been discovered and subsequently used in Western medicine, including digitalis (digoxin) for congestive heart failure, rauwolfia alkaloids to extract reserpine (used to treat hypertension in the 1950s and 1960s), and several plant extracts with anticholinergic properties (to treat diarrhea, for example).

Hydergine The First FDAApproved Antidementia Medication

Hydergine is derived from ergot alkaloids (present in rye fungus) that are also used in antimigraine medications. The drug company Sandoz (now part of Novartis) began to study hydergine after it learned that ergot alkaloids were used by nontraditional practitioners to lower a pregnant mother's blood pressure during childbirth. Sandoz's goal was to use hydergine to lower blood pressure and the risk of stroke this didn't pan out, but they did manage to get it approved as a treatment for dementia.

Exercise 50 Managing Your Anger

Research studies have shown that anger increases your heart rate, boosts high blood pressure, encourages the clogging of your arteries with chloresterol and increases your overall risk of heart attack. If you deal with your anger by consciously recognizing and embracing it when it is happening, you don't have to allow it to rule your behavior in a blur of unconscious action. You allow the brain to shift its activity from the lower limbic system to the higher cerebral cortex. By being mindful and attentive to anger when you experience it, you can acquire conscious management of it while maintaining a better understanding of yourself. Through this process, you must keep yourself from self-criticism or self-judgment over your anger as to whether it is wrong or right. Just learn from each episode and consciously observe your anger for a better outcome each time you experience it. ers like high blood pressure, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, etc. The blood chemistry of an angry...

Coronary Artery Disease and Its Risk Factors

What's bad for your heart is also bad for your brain. Conditions that are risk factors for cerebrovascular disease and heart disease, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes, increase the risk of memory problems. Controlling these disorders with medication, dietary changes, and exercise can help keep your memory in optimal condition. Hypertension. Regardless of age, you're more prone to memory impairment if you have high blood pressure than if you have normal blood pressure. Moreover, your memory impairment is likely

Risk Factors for Stroke

High blood pressure Heart disease Your preventive strategy should focus on reducing risk factors for stroke reduce stress go for annual medical checkups if you have a strong family history of stroke reduce your weight and the intake of saturated fats in your diet maintain regular exercise habits take cholesterol-lowering medicines if proper diet and exercise together are not enough to keep your levels low stop smoking keep your blood pressure under control with a low-fat diet, low-salt intake, and if necessary, antihypertensive medications and control diabetes (diet and or medications) if you have this disease.

How Stress Affects Memory in the Brain

Stress stimulates the sympathetic nerves, which in turn leads to high blood pressure and heart disease, thereby increasing the risk of strokes in the brain. There is a third, indirect, way in which stress can induce memory loss. Stress stimulates the sympathetic nerves that supply the heart and affect blood pressure. As a result, chronic stress increases the likelihood of heart disease and high blood pressure. High blood pressure and heart disease can, in turn, lead to the development of strokes, including ministrokes, in the brain that can affect memory.

Causes of Memory Problems

Like Michael, many patients with memory problems who come for evaluation discover that the cause is something that they never imagined could impair their ability to think and remember. Often, the cause is a common condition (such as depression) or a disorder that increases the risk of cerebrovascular disease and heart disease (such as poorly controlled high blood pressure or diabetes). Other causes of memory loss are hormonal changes that occur naturally during certain stages of life. For women, hormonal fluctuations following childbirth and around menopause can make them feel less sharp. Men also go through a phase of significant hormonal change as they age a drop in testosterone level has been linked with age-related memory problems. Still other causes of memory loss are unhealthy habits (such as excessive alcohol use and getting too little exercise or sleep) or a lack of intellectual challenge. Fortunately, many causes of memory dysfunction are preventable or treatable. You can...

Put Together Your Memory Program

The Lessons of Osteoporosis and High Blood Pressure The majority of older people, especially most women, gradually develop osteoporosis, which is a thinning and weakening of bone structure. If everyone said that there was no point in trying to prevent osteoporosis by using medications (estrogen, calcitonin, Fosamax, Evista) because it was, after all, normal aging, you can imagine how frail and stooped most elderly women would be and how many more falls and fractures would occur. Hypertension is another such example a mild to moderate rise in blood pressure was usually left untreated on the grounds that it was quite normal for an older person. After doctors began to treat even mild hypertension routinely, using diet, exercise, and medications if necessary (this practice began barely two to three decades ago), the risk of heart disease, stroke, and death in these people diminished steadily over time. Mild hypertension is now considered a treatable, and not just normal, part of the aging...

Put Out the Cigarettes

A large European study reported similar findings in an elderly sample. Smokers exhibited a steeper rate of decline on a measure of global cognitive function than did nonsmokers. The researchers speculated that smoking might affect cognitive function by promoting cerebrovascular injury from atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Davids Medical History

In taking his medical history, I learned that David had hypertension and high cholesterol. Though he was taking medication for both conditions, they weren't being adequately controlled. He had been to a hospital emergency department five months earlier with chest pain, which turned out to be benign. A recent physical examination, blood tests, and a chest x-ray were normal. His primary care physician had also ordered a brain MRI, which was normal.

Six Months Later A Sharper Memory

eighteen times in a row, he looked forward more than ever to the chance that the matches gave him to just hang out and catch up. His blood pressure had dropped so much that he was hopeful that he would soon be able to shed one of the antihypertensive medicines he was taking. His cholesterol level had dropped below 200, and he was committed to further improvement. He had begun using a handheld microcassette recorder to make note of observations and thoughts that required future attention.

Good Fats Bad Fats

It stands to reason that saturated fat is bad for your memory and unsaturated fats are beneficial. Saturated fat contributes to heart disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol, each of which increases the risk of age-related memory loss. Unsaturated fats are known to protect against these cardiovascular disorders. And we know that what's good for your heart is also good for your brain.

Resting Your Brain

If you suffer from insomnia, you might check with your physician and pharmacist about possible side effects of your medications that may interfere with your sleep cycle. Some drugs, such as some beta-blockers prescribed for hypertension, interfere with the production of melatonin in the brain. Others may interfere with its absorption. Perhaps you can have your doctor prescribe a different type of drug that will not interfere with your production or absorption of melatonin.

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Blood Pressure Health

Your heart pumps blood throughout your body using a network of tubing called arteries and capillaries which return the blood back to your heart via your veins. Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of your arteries as your heart beats.Learn more...

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