Why You Should Read This Book

Regardless of your age, have you ever experienced what may be affectionately described as "senior moments?" For example, have you

• Checked three or four times to make sure that the same appliance is turned off before you leave home?

• Tried to use a word in your conversation that you know you know but cannot recall?

• Walked up and down the parking lot looking for your car, with the grocery sacker tagging along behind?

• Forgotten someone's name you just met, even though you were rehearsing it while you were walking away?

• Had someone tell you that you do not correctly remember what he or she told you?

Rusty Brain

Or, you may be apprehensive of your ability to adapt to new situations. Are you concerned that rusty brain cells may prevent you from successfully

• Joining a special-interest group to meet new friends?

• Earning a degree or enrolling in a continuing-educa-tion course?

• Managing your business and/or life?

Well, if you answered "yes" to any of these questions or have similar worries in your life, it's not hopeless. This book is just what you need. It explains why these "senior moments" occur and how you can take charge of your mental agility. You just need to exercise those brain cells to become more mentally alert and agile. Athletes train and maintain their bodies in peak operating condition. You need to train and maintain your brain. Keep in mind—pardon the pun—that this text is not just a book to improve your memory. It is designed to give you pertinent information regarding the quality of your life.

You'll find information such as

• Why certain aspects of your thinking processes are more finely tuned than others

• What the latest learning theory is, explained in layperson's terms, based on recent brain research

• How diet affects your memory and capacity to think

• How physical exercise relates to mental exercise

• Why research regarding the effects of aging is, in many cases, seemingly contradictory

• How the suggested strategies, games, and activities can increase your thinking and memory capacity

• Exactly how to regain and maintain your mental agility

We'll guide you through the learning-style preferences and the mental-processing modes that will promote the most mental growth for you. You'll be able to apply these learning techniques and strategies to all aspects of your life— excelling at work, returning to school, learning a hobby, overcoming drastic changes in your health, and more. This book is designed for middle-aged adults, senior citizens, healthcare professionals, and home caregivers.

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