Test your new knowledge about the aging process with these 10 statements about aging. Read each one and determine whether it is true or false.

1. _Studies show that there may not be a decline in cognitive abilities in active, stimulated individuals. Intelligence test scores for these individuals may actually improve.

2. _People who are happy and content with their lives show less cognitive decline than those suffering from stress or discontent.

3. _The older we get, the more robust our store of in formation and knowledge becomes.

4. _Many people believe it is a matter of clumsiness, carelessness, or loss of coordination that causes seniors to fall and break a bone. Often the senior's bone breaks first, however, and then the senior falls.

5. _Lack of sleep affects your intelligence, memory, and ability to concentrate.

6. _Some individuals 70 years old or older may have better reaction times than a 30-year-old.

7. _Worrying about getting older actually hastens mental decline.

8. _Depression affects your motivation to remember, ability to concentrate, and perception of circumstances; it also causes overreaction to slight lapses in memory.

9. _Much of the cognitive loss that is commonly considered a part of the aging process is actually attributable to extrinsic factors such as lack of practice, poor motivation, diet, health complications, fatigue, and poor conditions of the testing.

10. _The best foods for us are the most brightly colored ones.

Some studies show that there may not be a decline in cognitive abilities in active, stimulated individuals. Intelligence test scores for mentally active individuals may actually improve. For those individuals whose mental skills have begun to decline, K. Warner Schaie's Seattle Longitudinal Study showed that, with practice, they could score as well as they had 14 years before. Moreover, this increased mental agility could be maintained for years.12 Chapters 6,

"Regain an Agile Brain," and 7, "Enjoy Your Ageless Mental Agility," address these issues and provide you with many, many suggestions and activities to improve your mental acuity. You will learn and practice specific and detailed strategies to increase your education, keep you physically fit, increase your self-esteem, and keep you mentally fit. The younger you are when you begin to apply these strategies, the better off you will be.13

And by the way, all the statements on the quiz you just took are true. They are all results of recent research into the aging process.

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