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The results of the following test will not yield an intelligence quotient (IQ) rating. If you would like to have a measure of your IQ, several Web sites will provide this for you. You might try, which offers, in their words, "a plethora of tests." This pretest will provide a raw score against which you may compare your posttest score.

Find some scratch paper for use during the test. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Begin the test, and mark answers for each question in the space provided.


In each of the following items, write the correct number or letter of the picture that completes the pattern.

Exercise 7-la

a© b




n bO

cO dû

„ at





1, 6, 16, 21, 31, ooot oooo oooo oo«o OOOO OOOO r\


oooo oo»o oooo oo»o oooo oo»o (:•••• d00»0

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