We hope that you have learned a few facts in this chapter that you did not know and found a few ideas to integrate into your lifestyle. Because rehearsals are one of the learning techniques you are incorporating and practicing, let's take a minute to recap.

Research has identified many factors associated with successful aging and maintenance of mental agility. Briefly discussing each one, let's start with your general health. The absence of diseases and good overall health indicate that your body is performing at an adequate level and is able to provide the support (nutritional and physical) that your brain requires to operate efficiently. Another factor was high socioeconomic status. Having a little extra access to other members of society and having at least a little money for extras allows you to indulge yourself in more educational activities and the stimulating environment that is conducive to mental animation. But if you do not have a lot of money, there are plenty of free opportunities for exercising those mental muscles. Visiting the library, having a friend over to your house, and going to rehearsals of plays and musical performances are all possibilities for exercising your mind. A stimulating environment keeps those neurons popping and creates new connections. Search out new interests and new opportunities. Many colleges will let seniors take classes at a reduced rate or will waive the fees entirely (see Appendix A). Next, having a flexible personality is an indi cation that you are willing to try new things. And last, but not least, keep in contact with your friends. Practice those mental skills. Have little contests to see who has the better memory. The loser has to practice harder the next week.

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