The following sets of questions will help you to identify your own intelligence strengths. Place a check next to each sentence that describes you. Count the number of options you checked for each set of characteristics listed for each intelligence and place that number in the Totals column.

Intelligence Indicators


Naturalist 0

_You notice patterns in nature.

_You know what the weather is supposed to be like.

_You know the names of many animals and plants.

_You recognize and classify minerals.

_You know what the phase of the moon is.



___ You enjoy activities where you can move about.

___ You seldom injure yourself while exercising.

___ You learn dance steps quickly.

___ You would rather make something than read about it.

___ You love to play sports rather than watch others play.


_Puzzles and games are very easy for you to master.

_Doing math is fun for you.

_You are fascinated by machines.

_You like to solve mysteries.

_You tend to win arguments often.


Spatial m

_You seldom get lost.

_You like to design new arrangements of furniture.

_You can imagine what something will look like after it is built.

_You like to do jigsaw puzzles.

_You know whether or not a glass will overflow if you empty the rest of the milk bottle into it.



You love words.

_Poetry is like music to you.

_You have a large vocabulary.

_You have written short stories, poetry or a novel.

_You speak, read or understand several languages.


_You sing, hum or whistle often.

_You remember tunes easily.

___ You hear rhythm in everyday sound. ___ You play one or more instruments. ___ You have composed music.



_You understand who you are.

_You know your strengths.

_You know your weaknesses.

_You know what you want.

_You are in control of your emotions most of the time.

You understand other people very well. _ You often become the leader in any group you join.

Other people tend to come to you for advice. _ You want to improve the human condition. _ You work well in a group.


Gardner thinks that we may have several intelligences and that we have all of them to one extent or another. If your totals are three or more, that indicates a strength in that intelligence.

With regard to Gardner's multiple intelligences, maximize your use of your dominant intelligences. Yet take the opportunity to develop those that are not your native intelligences. Intelligence is to a great extent learned. Experts still debate the "nature versus nurture" character of intelligence. While they debate, read on and see how much you can impact the quality of your intelligences.

We want you to be more aware of the activities of your marvelously designed brain. Often we don't appreciate being able to do something until we no longer can do it well or not at all. Picture how you felt when you couldn't breathe easily the last time you had a stuffy nose.

However, we want you to notice how you go about learning and what subject areas (intelligences) you prefer to learn, so that you can appreciate your mind, right now, and begin to exercise the various abilities of your brain.

The discussions regarding the various types of intelligences show that different parts of the brain are used for different functioning requirements. Some areas of your brain are stronger than others due to use. Remember as you use specific areas of your brain and they receive stimulation from the outside world, axons and dendrites in those areas are created and enlarged. But notice that if you exercise one of your skills, you still may be weak in other areas. That makes sense. If you are bench pressing weights to strengthen your arms and back, you will not be strengthening your legs. You need to exercise all areas of your body and so you also


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