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Happiness Is The Supreme Goal

Aristotle, perhaps the greatest of the philosophers, wrote more than 2,300 years ago that the ultimate aim of all human action is happiness. He concluded that everything a person does is to achieve happiness of some kind. Sometimes they are successful, and sometimes they are unsuccessful, but happiness is always the target each person aims at. He concluded that every act is merely an interim step in the direction of happiness. For example, you want to get a good job.Why So you can earn good money. Why So you can get a comfortable home and a nice car. Why So you can have good relationships and a nice family. Why So that you can have a satisfying home life. Why The final answer, the ultimate goal, is so that you can be happy. Everything that you or anyone else does is aimed at happiness, however you define it and however successful you are at achieving it.

Exercise 144 Imaging To Bring Luck Happiness

Our outer world of circumstances shapes itself from our inner world of thought. YOU hold the key to your own happiness by exercising your power to choose your own thoughts. A thought is the crystalline predecessor to action. People often change their environment, but are reluctant to change themselves. To change your 'luck,' change your attitude. Commit yourself to the accomplishment of your dream. How can you achieve happiness or peace of mind when your thoughts are contrary to it People preoccupied with fears and worries draw to themselves that which they fear and worry about the most, sometimes called 'bad luck.' Inadvertently, they have committed themselves to seeing the world with fear and worry, hence they receive what their minds dwell upon. Even random thoughts and those in the back of the mind must be consciously controlled so you can focus on what you truly want out of life. There is little mystery here. The greater the clarity, energy and focus you project (your...

The Dangers of Parapsychology

But as I said, the aspect that was most important for me turned out to be something much simpler than that. What the seminar did for me was show me how to exercise greater control over myself, and develop my own potential. It may not sound like much, but in my opinion it has made all the difference in the world, as far as my personal happiness is concerned.

Expanding your powers of association

Associated Mind Mapping

The next step is to extend the original 'happiness' exercise, following the guidelines already laid down. In exactly the same way that your ten original words radiated from the central concept of 'happiness', each of these ten words can also radiate its own associations. The extended original Happiness' exercise, leading to basic verbal Mind Mapping. The extended original Happiness' exercise, leading to basic verbal Mind Mapping.

Exercise 8 Honesty For Better Clarity

Did you know that each of the emotions of fear, lust, anger and pleasure can easily be found in the brain with an electrode touching a small specific section of the brain's limbic system Some brain experiments with monkeys and human mental patients in the 60's uncovered this fact very well. On the other hand, the higher brain emotions of unconditional love, compassion, happiness and courage cannot be found in the limbic system or any other small area of the brain Why Well, fear, lust, anger and pleasure are the emotions we share in common with all animals that have a limbic system. What makes humans different is the large cerebrum on top of the small limbic system. When you experience love, compassion, happiness and courage, brain scans reveal a wide area in the cerebral cortex lights up. In other words, a larger network of cells in the higher brain centers are used to experience these higher emotions. Most people have great difficulty with experiencing these higher brain emotions,...

Minimind Map Word Exercise

Mini Mind Map One World

Doing the exercises Fill in quickly, with printed single key words on the lines, and without pausing to choose, the first ten associations that radiate from the centre when you think of the concept 'happiness'. It is important to put down the first words that come into your mind, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. This exerdse is not a test and should take you no more than 1 minute. Sample from 1Happiness ' exercise. Sample from 1Happiness ' exercise. The exercise you have just completed with the word 'happiness' produces similar results with any word.

Block Busting Techniques

Example problem improve TV programmingTrigger concept roadQuestions of association How is TV programming like a road (a journey, dangerous curves, linear progress--would better continuity improve TV scenery makes roads interesting) Does TV programming have a road in it (bumpy, rough, leading astray) What do roads do They take you somewhere. Does TV programming take you somewhere Could improved programming do this better More location filming More programs from abroad Programs that take viewers on intellectual journey What are roads like ribbons, tourist havens between the scenery, the route to something else, a path toward real life. What about TV programs that are the route to something else, like happiness, education, thinking, art, escape

Exercise 203 Using Quartz Crystals

Just as quartz computer chips store information, your quartz crystal can store and focus your intentional or emotional energy. Crystals augment and magnify your intention, so you should only use them when in a clear, positive state of mind. As an exercise with your crystal, do Exercise -- Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals and Exercise -- Imaging To Bring Luck And Happiness while visualizing the results you want to achieve flowing through your crystal. You'll find that your visualizations become more powerful and effective when using your crystal, especially those concerning healing (review Exercise -- Improving Your Visualization Skills ). If you send healing prayers through your crystal while holding it over an afflicted area, they will be greatly magnified.

Exercise 5 Eliminating Your Negative Feelings

To begin this exercise, trigger your anchor for confidence, and get yourself into the most powerful and positive state that you can muster. Then open your hand and put that feeling into your right hand. Now think of a time when you were enthusiastic and exhilarated over something, and put that feeling into your right hand too. Now recall a time when you were feeling love, happiness and joy, and put that into your right hand. Now notice how it feels to have all those feelings in your right hand. What color do you think they would make all together like that What shape or form would they take in your hand What sound would they make, if you gave them a sound What texture do they feel like in your hand What positive words does this combination say to you from your hand Another way of eliminating negative feelings is by increasing your energy level. The higher your energy, the more difficult it becomes to experience lower, negative emotions. Love, compassion, courage and happiness resonate...

Question Your Beliefs

The most harmful beliefs you can have are your self-limiting beliefs. These are beliefs about yourself and your potential that hold you back. Most of them are not true. Most of them are the result of information you have accepted without question, often from early childhood. Even if it is completely untrue, if you believe yourself to be limited in areas such as achieving wonderful health and happiness and earning a lot of money, that will become your truth. As the author Richard Bach in his book Illusions wrote, Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they're yours.

Exercise 188 Visual Telepathy

Telepathy often seems augmented or combined with other energies like radio-microwaves, but at other times it acts totally independent of electromagnetic influence. It appears that belief and faith are the thought processes that mostly affect the energy, combined with honesty and the positive higher emotions of love, compassion and happiness. Practice trusting and loving yourself and be truthful with yourself to allow your telepathic ability to improve. Honesty gives you clarity by clearing away the blockages of muddled and secretive thinking (review Exercise -- Honesty For Better Clarity ). Then focus to differentiate your own thoughts from those of others. At the very least, leave the possibility open in your mind that you can telepathically communicate.

Emile Coues Formulation complete version

If you sometimes feel sad or depressed, if you sometimes get bored or worry too much, you can rest assured that you won't have those kinds of feelings any more. Instead of feeling sad or depressed, instead of worrying, you will feel happy, very happy, for no reason at all, in the same way that you may have felt sad for no reason from time to time. From now on you'll feel happy and joyous inside. And even if you have real cause to worry or feel sad, you won't fall into depression. You will do what has to be done, nourished by the joy and happiness of being alive.

Minimind map image exercise

The exercise recommended for people wishing to build up their visual 'mental musculature' is identical to the 'happiness' exercise described in the previous chapter, except that an image is placed in the centre, and on each of the ten branches surrounding the image, the first ten 'image associations' are drawn.

Anxiety and the inferiority complex

We allow ourselves to become trapped by our own improperly expressed thoughts, and end up comparing ourselves to some ideal role model for no reason. Every individual is unique - it is impossible to attain any measure of happiness by comparing yourself to others. You are not inferior to me because I happen to know more about mental dynamics than you do It's all a question of experience. Instead of judging our actions by what we have done in the past, we compare ourselves to others whose situation may be very different from ours. And because we end up believing we are inferior, we actually feel inferior. We start thinking we are not normal, that there is something wrong with us.

Exercise 20 Meditation

Meditation is an upper brain exercise that allows a person to experience the exalted higher emotional feelings so long sought after - selfless love, compassion, happiness, bliss, etc. After getting accomplished at experiencing these feelings, the adept can consciously recreate these emotions in his everyday life even without a formal meditative rapport.

Negative Attitudes That Block Creativity

Oh no, a problem The reaction to a problem is often a bigger problem than the problem itself. Many people avoid or deny problems until it's too late, largely because these people have never learned the appropriate emotional, psychological, and practical responses. A problem is an opportunity. The happiest people welcome and even seek out problems, meeting them as challenges and opportunities to improve things. Definition a problem is (1) seeing the difference between what you have and what you want or (2) recognizing or believing that there is something better than the current situation or (3) an opportunity for a positive act. Seeking problems aggressively will build confidence, increase happiness, and give you a better sense of control over your life.

Journey Through The Mind Of A Mind Mapper Part

This is your chance to 'get inside' the mind of an individual and explore his or her ideas on the nature of happiness. In the process, you will have an opportunity to apply all the Mind Mapping techniques you have learnt so far, as well as a few new ones. The Mind Mapper starts with a central image that expresses the concept of happiness. This image needs to incorporate dimension and at least three colours.

Exercise 223 I Am A Millionaire

Many people have the mistaken belief that if they had more money, all their problems would be solved A wise man once said, If all the money in the world were equally divided up so that every person in the world had exactly the same amount of money, it would be right back to where it is now in a very short span of time Why Because it is a person's internal attitude that keeps people where they are financially, not external circumstances. People keep saying, If only I had more money, all my problems would be solved. If money brought happiness, then why are so many millionaires unhappy How often millionaires feel like they are all alone in a cave filled with treasure and there's no way out of the cave Release the millionaire inside yourself. You have all the wealth you need to do anything you want in life. You have just to access it. Everything you need to be happy, wealthy and prosperous is within you. Feel yourself worthy of abundance. If you think thoughts of scarcity, you manifest...

The Mental Software Store

They have developed from an early age.The most important core belief you can adopt for yourself is this I am a thoroughly good person and I am going to be a big success in life. Everything that happens to me, good or bad, is simply a part of the process of achieving the great success and happiness that is inevitable for me.

Your Possibilities Are Unlimited

We are living in the golden age of mankind. There have never been more opportunities and possibilities for you to become all you are capable of becoming, and to achieve more of your goals, than there are today. You can use this book as a guide to greater success and happiness for the rest of your life. Here again are the 12 core ideas 7. Put People First. The quality and quantity of your relationships will have more of an impact on your success and happiness than any other factors. Organize your life around building and maintaining high-quality, high-trust relationships with the most important people in your world. Network regularly to expand your range of contacts. Mastermind with other positive, success-oriented people.

Exercise 93 Sleep Learning

As an exercise, create a 12-minute loop tape with the information that you want to learn. Then put it on a timer to be played one hour upon going to sleep and one hour upon awakening. For example, with Spanish vocabulary, say the following This is your Spanish vocabulary for the night. You are relaxed and in a twilight sleep. You will remember the following words forever. Then read your vocabulary to be learned onto the repeating tape in 4-second intervals as in Exercise -- Rhythmic Memorizing. If the material to be learned was recorded at 212 times normal speaking speed with a special tape recorder and still spaced at 4-second intervals, it would increase the bulk to be absorbed (see Exercise - High Speed Listening ). Learning in this manner is utilizing the otherwise idle moments during the night. One study revealed that sleep-learning improves with time. Apparently the brain gets better accustomed to absorption with more practice. If you design your tapes with affirmations, you can...

Exercise 145 Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals

Naturally, a master will achieve swifter results than a neophyte. When you know and once realize your true inner power, all is within your grasp. ( If ye have faith and doubt not, if ye shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be cast into the sea, it shall be done. Matt. 21 21) Actually, directed goal realization differs very little from what happens more haphazardly in your life already. The emotional images derived from fear, worry, anxiety and loneliness bring about their corresponding realities into your life the same as love, forgiveness, mercy and happiness. Conscious clarity of directed thought can change your life

How to Optimize Your Feelings

The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depend upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. Many people wrongly believe that their best feelings are derived from external sources. They believe that if they get love, affection, understanding, or respect from another person, they will be happy. These people do not understand that their best feelings are generated from within. Does your happiness depend on something that is out of your control Do you believe that you need a relationship, material possessions, or an outstanding achievement to be happy If so, you will inevitably feel unhappy. When you honor your own feelings and use Optimal Thinking to optimize them, your happiness is completely within your control. You discover that an Optimal connection with your feelings is the authentic source of your best feelings.

Your Most Valuable Asset

Results and rewards, however you define them for yourself, are everything. Your ability to achieve the health, happiness, and prosperity you desire is the measure of your effectiveness as a human being. Your job is to use your minutes and hours more effectively to assure that you are achieving the greatest quantity and quality of the things you want in exchange for the time you invest.

What You Do Under Pressure

It is vital to your success and happiness that you are impeccably honest with everyone you know and deal with, both in your personal life and in your career. There is nothing that will earn you the support of people faster than for you to develop the reputation of being a person of character and integrity. At the same time, there is nothing that will damage your reputation and sabotage your career faster than for you to get the reputation of being the kind of person that others cannot trust or rely on.

Exercise 33 Consciously Creating Your Emotions

A depressed person can look at a smiling face and see a snarl. A person in love can see beauty where others see ugliness. Obviously, a person's emotions affect their perceptions. Many people are spontaneously beset with fears, worries and self-doubts throughout their life, but how do you control the display of these kinds of emotional episodes Sometimes people are even confused in their minds as to what emotion they really do want at the moment or even knowing the difference between one emotion and another or even knowing they have the conscious power to choose a particular emotion Consequently they mix up lust and love, pleasure and happiness or fear and courage. So before attempting this exercise, master Exercise -Identifying Your Emotional States. As an exercise in creating happiness, let us first define happiness. Although some people refer to happiness as relating to a single or a series of pleasurable sensations, let's broaden the definition somewhat. Let's relate it to a...

Becoming A Money Magnet

When you think about your money and the pleasure it gives you to have money in the bank, you increase the energy field around your money and you attract even more. This force field becomes even more powerful when you love your money. When you think about your growing financial reserves with intense happiness, you intensify the energy around your money and you attract even more.

Mental Dynamics the discovery of self

The task ahead - making mental dynamics an integral part of our education system - is arduous. We have to train as many instructors as we can, and increase the number of alpha seminars we offer each year. We believe the effort is worthwhile, as it will help society achieve a new balance. Mental dynamics can act as a counterweight to the stress and tension that are undermining both the mental and physical health of so many people, and help those same people get in touch with the happiness and tranquillity that already exists in their inner selves. An ancient Hindu legend provides us with a good illustration of what lies ahead

Exercise 1 Identifying Your Emotional States

As an exercise, create right now a positive movie of your past experiences involving courage, confidence, happiness, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, appreciation and enthusiasm to play over in your mind. (If you have trouble remembering such experiences, create instead a fantasy movie of where you would like to be or how you would like to be treated by some special fantasy person.) Briefly jot down the main points of those experiences in a notebook if necessary. Recognize and tune into the good feelings you are experiencing so that you can recreate those feelings whenever you need them in the future. Later, you should immediately use this inner movie to switch from any negative state, like guilt, depression, sadness, fear, anger, lust, worry, etc. You can also replay this movie just before retiring at night, and again just upon arising in the morning to positively jump start your day. By getting into past positive, emotional experiences and reliving them often, you can...

Imagine Your Ideal Outcome

Imagine, for example, that your goal is to earn a certain amount of money. Project mentally into the future and see yourself earning this kind of money. See the larger house, the bigger car, the better clothes, the nicer restaurants, and the more elegant lifestyle that you will enjoy when you are earning this amount of money. Imagine how you would feel if you were already enjoying all these ingredients of success. Imagine the feelings of pride, happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, joy, and gratitude that you would experience once you achieved this goal.

How You Feel About Yourself

The better your self-esteem, the better you will be as a spouse and parent. High self-esteem parents raise high self-esteem children. These children develop high levels of self-confidence and associate with other high self-esteem children. High self-esteem homes are characterized by love, laughter, and happiness for everyone who lives there.

Be Selective In Your Choices

If associating with positive people is a key to success, then the flip side is for you to get away and keep away from negative or toxic people. Negative people are the primary source of most un-happiness. Problems with such people are most likely your major sources of stress and frustration. Negative people do more to diminish your joy in life than any other single factor.

Exercise 4 Anchoring Favorable States In Others

Now work with a partner and anchor each other with the feeling of contentment, happiness and complete satisfaction as a combined state. Read to your partner the following (his eyes can be open or closed, whichever is easier) Now search your memory for a time when you experienced complete satisfaction, happiness and contentment over something that happened in your life. (Pause) If you can't think of anything off hand, imagine how it would feel if such an experience did happen to you. (Pause) Say, Yes, softly to me when you are at the peak of this experience while you simultaneously squeeze your left fist in a unique way. (Wait for your partner to say, Yes, then lightly and immediately place your hand on the back of his right hand as a momentary touch.) Now breathe with satisfying, contented breaths while you continue to experience this feeling. (Pause) Now squeeze

Exercise 147 Sending Energy To Someone

As an exercise to create a favorable effect on a person from a distance, sympathetically achieve a connected state or feeling to that person and see them in a healthy state, not in their ill state. Bathe them with thoughts, prayer or feelings of love, joy, compassion, happiness and confidence. Imagine a white bubble or funnel of such feelings and envelop them with it. Visualize holding them and caressing them to your bosom. Affirm to them mentally that their body is healing. If a bad habit is their

You Are Extraordinary

Great success and happiness come when you identify your natural abilities, and then concentrate on developing along the lines of your inborn talents. It is almost as though you are engineered for success in a specific way, and if you can find the area for which you were specifically designed, you will achieve more in a few years than most people achieve in a lifetime.

Self Esteem Whats It All About

In The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, commonly known as the father of the self-esteem movement, offers this definition Self-esteem is the disposition to experience oneself as competent to cope with the challenges of life and as deserving of happiness. At the First International Conference on Self-Esteem in Oslo in 1990, Dr. Branden said We have reached a moment in history when self-esteem, which has always been a supremely important psychological need, has also become a supremely important economic need the attribute imperative for adaptiveness to an increasingly complex, challenging, and competitive world. . . . The way you think and feel about yourself affects every aspect of your life. When you love, accept, respect, and approve of yourself, you validate your existence. Do you feel worthy of life's greatest offerings Are you confident that you can experience the best in life You can maximize your self-esteem. You will achieve your highest level of self-esteem...


Association exercises reveal the unlimited power of every human brain, both those of'gifted' people and those previously considered to be 'average'. These exercises can therefore liberate billions of people from their self-imposed mental limitations. By simply performing the 'happiness' exercise described in this chapter, anyone can experience an instant explosion in mental power. fTake the example of an eight-year-old boy in a deprived area of London who was considered to be virtually a moron, both by his teacher and by himself. After he had completed the 'happiness' exercise I asked him whether he could find further associations for any of the ten words he had written down. He paused for a moment, wrote down two, then looked up with the beginnings of a gleam in his eyes and asked, 'Can I keep going ' When I said, 'Yes,' he started tentatively, like someone going into the sea for the first time. Then, with an increasing beat, almost like a drum roll, words and associations started to...

Be True To Yourself

Campbell then said that the key to success and happiness in life was to follow your bliss. It was to do what you most loved to do. It was to look over the landscape of your life and determine those activities that you enjoyed doing more than anything else, the things that you would do if you had no limitations, and then to build your life around those activities.

2Test Assumptions

Old Woman Perception Image

In one sense, optical illusions cause us to see one thing when something else may also be present. In a similar manner, people often have different responses when confronted with the same stimulus. One person may look at a flower and feel happy because it reminds them of a loving relationship someone else, however, may look at the same flower and feel sad because it reminds them of the recent death of a loved one. Both people in this example perceive the flower, but they also see the qualities of either happiness or sadness. To know why we see these qualities, we must test assumptions.

Four Danger Areas

Positive Thinking Mindmap

By contrast, Figure 2 breaks the phrase into its individual word meanings, allowing each word the freedom to radiate its own unique associations. The importance of this can be seen even more dramatically in Figure 3, where the single-word rule is taken to its logical conclusion, and where the additional guidelines of image and colour have been added. Here you can see that the main concept in the afternoon is the concept of happiness with the major emphasis on the un in unhappy. You may have been ill, failed dramatically, or received some exceptionally bad news, all of which is true. It is also true that the afternoon contained some positives (the sun may have shone, even if very briefly ) which the single-word image rule, allows you to record truthfully. The single unit Mind Map rule allows you to see both your internal and external

Positive Thinking

The elimination of negative emotions is the most important single step you can take toward health, happiness, and personal well-being. Each time you take complete control over your thoughts and feelings, and discipline yourself to keep them positive, the quality of both your inner and outer lives improves. In the absence of negative emotions, your mind automatically fills with the positive emotions that generate feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

Do Your Best

Sheldon said, Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere wholeheartedly. Even when life deals you its hardest blows and it rains on your parade, don't deny your feelings Embrace them as sacred messengers, and let your highest self take care of them. Let OptiSelf make the most of every situation Attempt, as much as possible, to do your best in what you most want to do. When you do your best in every circumstance, you inevitably feel your best. Your body, mind, and soul are in the right place

The Need To Be Loved

The second major fear that holds us back, undermines our confidence, and destroys our desire for a happy life is the fear of rejection, and its expression, criticism. This emotion is learned in early childhood as the result of our parents expressing disapproval of us whenever we do something they don't like, or don't do something that they expect. As a result of our displeasing them, they

Stop Justifying

The way you short-circuit the natural tendency toward justification and rationalization is by refusing to engage in it. Instead, you stop justifying. You use your marvelous mind to think of reasons not to justify your negative emotions. Remember, your negative emotions do you no good. They are totally destructive. They do not affect the other person or change the situation. They simply undermine your happiness and self-confidence, making you weaker and less effective in other areas of your life.

Learned Optimism

Perhaps the most important quality you can develop to achieve greater success and happiness is the quality of optimism. You can learn the habit of optimism by thinking the way that optimists do most of the time. According to interviews with thousands of the happiest and most successful people in every field, optimists seem to have two special ways of dealing with life. These are attitudes of mind that you can develop with practice.

Do It Anyway

Each time you think of the fearful situation or person, your heart will beat faster and your stomach will churn. You will be unable to sleep well at night. The fear will affect your health, your happiness, your relationships, and your interactions with your customers and co-workers. Over time, you will become so preoccupied with the fear-inducing situation that you will not be able to think of anything else. This is no way to live.