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Simple Senior Swing

Simple Senior Swing is the only golf swing designed for senior golfers and can add from 40 to 60 yards of straight as an arrow distance off the tee. It is simplistic and does not require a player to rebuild completely their swing or spend fortunes on golfing equipment. The product will help your swing to be relaxed, limber, and pain-free, making you feel better at the end of 18 holes than you did when you got out of bed that morning. Even if you are lacking in strength, flexibility, and are plagued by ailments such as arthritis, back pain, or tennis elbow, you will still increase up to seventy yards in distance. This swing is perfect for playing against any young players or pick-up player in their place as well as playing against seniors. Using this equipment, you will hit the ball with such incredible power, other golfers will instinctively hit the from the ear-bursting crack the club makes when it launches the ball, and only to mutter jealousy as your ball lands 300 yards down the fairway ready for an easy chip and two-putt for that birdie. Read more here...

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I personally recommend to buy this product. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Monster Golf Swing

This eBook from Terrence Thomas gives you a master course on how to add anywhere from 40 to 70 yards to your swing. You don't have to get a professional swing trainer, you don't have to be in shape, you don't have to change your swing completely You don't have to change much about the way that you currently play golf! You already have the tools that you need in order to get a master swing! You can learn to drive massive golf swings right down the course You will be shocked at the results! This may sound too good to be true But the simplest way is almost always the best. People always want a complicated answer to their problems, but rarely is complicated better than simple. Most fixes are really easy! You don't have to spend hours and waste time! Get started bettering your swing right away! Read more here...

Monster Golf Swing Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Terrence Thomas
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Price: $39.00

The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson

The Unique six Step Golf Lesson is a product created by Michael Bannon. The author has been a coach to the world's best golf swinger Rory McIlroy since he was 8 years old. The expertise of this golfer shows that this creator has a lot of successful techniques that he has been constantly reinforcing to the player to make him a world class golfer. The product comes in form of a membership to a website which you can register and get access to the product instantly. The moment you register, you get instant access to professionally shot videos of the Michael and Rory explaining the six steps in detail. The product is directed to any golf lover who wants to perfect their swing. Whether a newbie, intermediate or a pro, what you can learn from the six steps golf lesson is unique and workable anywhere even without the use of a ball. Read more here...

The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson Summary

Contents: Membership Site
Creator: Michael Bannon
Official Website:

The Simple Golf Swing

This eBook teaches you a golf swing method you never would have thought of in the first place. Your golf friends who play a traditional game might laugh at first, but you will have the last laugh when you are cleaning house on them in the game. Many people try to swing in the same way that all of the pros do, and that is their first big mistake. You need to swing in your OWN way if you are ever to have a successful golfing career. The best way to get better is to use the simplest method, that you will learn in this eBook. The traditional swing method is by far the top reason that most golfers fail to ever have a good game You don't have to be one of those people! All it takes is the simple method that is set out in this eBook!

The Simple Golf Swing Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: David Nevogt
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Price: $67.00

Thi Golf Swing

The person we have to thank for the golf swing as we know it today is Harry Vardon, the British professional who dominated the game at the turn of the century. He won the British Open six times and the US Open once. Before Vardon, players used the 'classical swing', hitting the ball long and low, but not very accurately. Vardon's style was to hit the ball higher in the air, causing it to land at steeper angle and stop more quickly. It resulted in much greater accuracy and gave rise to the 'modern swing'. Little did Vardon know what angst he would cause budding golfers, or how much work he was creating for golf coaches. People have been trying to master the modern swing ever since. Nick Faldo has spent most of his life in pursuit of the perfect action. After years of constant re-evaluation and analysis, he has come closer than anyone to achieving it. He has had to carry out a witchhunt to get there, isolating negative aspects of his game that have crept into his reflexive memory, and...

Choosing Your Journey

One of the journeys I use for football begins in the goal-mouth of our local ground. Because I have to carry around so many routes in my head, each one storing a different sort of information, it helps if the beginning of the journey is somewhere appropriate. The journey I use to store golfing information, for example, starts at a familiar golf course the one for horse racing results begins at nearby stables another for motor racing starts at a local garage, and so on.

Declarative And Reflexive Memory

Similarly, if you are being taught how to drive a golf ball down the centre of the fairway, you are desperately trying to convert what the instructor is saying into a respectable shot. In those early, frustrating weeks and months, your technique relies heavily on your declarative memory what were the instructor's ten key points How was the man standing in the golfing video at home And what did it say about grip in that book you got for Christmas A simple journey can radically improve the efficiency of your declarative memory. It gives you the best possible start if you are learning to play golf or rebuilding an aspect of your game. Nothing demonstrates this better than the golf swing, the bane of so many golfers' lives. Instructors are always encouraging players to tick off a mental checklist of dos and don'ts before each swing easier said than done in the heat of a game. Using a journey, however, you can memorize a whole series of detailed instructions, effortlessly running through...

Which Optimal Visualizations Will Be Most Helpful in Accomplishing Your Supreme Goal

Colonel Harvey Johnson was an enthusiastic golfer whose score was consistently around 90. He stopped playing golf for eight years. The next time he played eighteen holes of golf, he shot a 75. For those eight years Colonel Johnson had been a prisoner of war in Vietnam, isolated from others that whole time. Initially he feared for his sanity but after a few months he decided to take total control of his mind. He set a SUPREME goal to achieve a score of 75 when he next played eighteen holes of golf at his favorite course. Each day he mentally played his best game of golf for four hours. Through visualization he chose his favorite golf course, dressed himself in his best golfing clothes, and approached the tee every morning. He paced himself as though he were physically present on the golf course. He noted the weather as he put the ball down. He viewed in complete detail the green grass, the slopes, the trees, and everything else that would affect his game. He made sure that he held his...

10 Play The Ten Thing Game

Neurobics Exercises

Ooraeone hands you an ordinary object. You must use it to demonstrate ten different things that the object might be. Example A fly swatter might be a tennis racket, a golf club, a fan, a baton, a drumstick, a violin, a shovel, a microphone, a baseball bat, or a canoe paddle. In some ways, this game is similar to punning, whereby you reach into your mental sound database and associate a sound word with something else like it in a humorous way.

How To Remember The Time Of An Appointment

19 January Dentist's appointment at 1100 hrs. Golf Lesson at 1700 hrs. The location is the willow tree (19th Stage) In this particular example, I have two appointments on the same day, so I imagine two separate key images, one on either side of the willow tree. The first key image is of my dentist. He is drilling a hole in one of Arthur Askey's teeth (11 AA Arthur Askey). The second key image is of my golf tutor. He is teaching Alec Guinness how to stop hooking the ball (17 AG Alec Guinness).

Exercise 97 Improving Your Kinesthetic Instincts

To improve your basketball, use the basket as the center of a clock. Call out your position as the time of day before you shoot. For example, as you move to the side of the basket to shoot, say to yourself, I'm at 3 o'clock. Recite the 2's table while doing gymnastics, playing soccer or wrestling. When skiing, call out numbers to indicate the angle of your skis with the snow. Repeat an affirmation over and over while hitting a baseball or playing golf, like I'm getting better and better. Sing a tune while fencing or shooting skeet.

Use Them or Lose Them

Have you ever taken a golf lesson, a tennis lesson, a piano lesson, or such If you don't use the newly honed skills immediately, what happens Let's say you wait a week before going to the practice range after taking a golf lesson. Do you know what happens You've forgotten almost everything you learned. Are my hands supposed to be above my shoulder on the backswing Am I supposed to lead with my hip You're not sure, so you practice timidly at best, or you practice wrong at worst, putting yourself in an even deeper groove of improper mechanics. You're going to need three lessons to correct the effects of one misinterpreted lesson.

Universal Tools

In the same way that similar body movements can be used for different activities (e.g., the hip motion used in hitting a baseball, swinging a golf club, or throwing a javelin), similar mind mechanics can be used in creating web sites, exploring medical cures, and improving retail customer service. That, of course, is why these tools are so universal and why they can be effective for you, no matter what field you are in.

Improve Your Golf Swing

Improve Your Golf Swing

As a golfer you know how bad it can be if you are hitting the ball too short for each drive. It can cost you the game and a really bad score. If you need to learn how to hit the ball a bit further at each hole you need to read this ebook.

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