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PTE Success online exam preparation

PTE Success is an online exam preparation platform that aims at helping you in your quest for academic excellence. It takes a very short period of time to help be successful in your exam. The program offers a complete examination preparation in various ways. It has a lot of materials that can really benefit you. This program has a lot of positive reviews, a clear indication of how effective it is. There are so many exam samples that will be availed to you. The test questions often appear similar to the questions s individuals meet in their exams. This is because there proficient instructors with adequate knowledge regarding the logistics often tested. Enroll in this program and you will benefit a lot. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Some users might complain that the default interface is more complicated than it needs to be. If you just panicked grab a quick drink and relax because this baby has a full customizable interface.

However, PTE Success online exam preparation is a fairly good program considering the standard and depth of the material it provides. In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this software makes worth every penny of its price.

The American Accent Audio Course

The American Accent Audio Course was created for people who learned English as a teenager or adult and didnt have the chance to pick up the accent when they were young. This is Not your typical pronunciation course. You will learn the secrets of the American accent that are often so subconscious that native English speakers dont even realize what they are doing. But once you learn these things, you can start making adjustments to your speech and begin to see great changes in your accent. The American Accent Audio Course is completely downloadable so you can immediately use it from anywhere in the world. This program can help you gain more confidence, understand native English speakers more clearly, compete better in the workforce (and therefore earn you more money,) and help you fit in better when you are in the US or Canada. Product Details: Audio Program with Workbook and Journal. Downloadable mp3s / Downloadable pdfs. 24 Step by Step Lessons with nearly 16 hours of audio. For People who have learned English as Teenagers or Adults. Geared toward International Professionals who live in the US or Canada (or work with Americans or Canadians) Course recorded in English

The American Accent Audio Course Summary

Format: Ebook
Official Website: americanaccentcourse.com

Lets Learn English Through Song

Lets Learn English Through Song is 16 MP3 songs and 35 pdf worksheets. They are written for grammar comprehension (structure and function) with common vocabulary themes. Learners enhance their pronunciation from using the songs with rhythm and rhyme while subconsciously processing the grammatical structures. The result is accelerated learning. For Learners of intermediate to advanced levels.

Lets Learn English Through Song Summary

Official Website: letslets.com

Beginner English Resources

This is your chance to download a collection of effective, quality, online beginner English videos, audio files, workbooks, grammar activities, stories, news articles and other recommended English resources. This volume from the Global English Teaching library, has easy to use free internet resources and other recommended English materials to help you and your organisation teach or learn English to Australian and international standards. This beginner volume complies with international accredited English language, literacy and numeracy standards. It is specifically designed to help teachers, learners and workplace trainers meet accredited teaching and learning outcomes from the top 5 international English language testing systems. These include: International English Language Testing Systems (Ielts) Test of English as a Foreign Language (Toefl) English as a Foreign Language (Efl) certificate. Language Literacy and Numeracy (Lln) (Australian Vetab accredited) Certificate I in Spoken and Written English (Cswe I)

Beginner English Resources Summary

Format: Ebook
Official Website: bestenglishteachingonline.com

Intelligence and the mind

A similarly narrow view has been taken toward the idea of intelligence in the past century. While the word intelligence entered the English language in Europe during the early Middle Ages, it has become a synonym for IQ or intellectual quotient. This one kind of intelligence has dominated our experiences of schooling and influenced many of the psychometric tests we undergo and use at work. Invented by Alfred Binet and William Stern at the beginning of the twentieth century, IQ's influence has been pernicious, artificially inflating the importance of language and figures and taking no account of creativity, common sense, or the ability to manage emotions.

What the analytical structure format offers

The analytical structure format, then, is a much clearer way of showing the exact claims being made and the ways in which they relate to one another. This format, by representing the connections between claims through the standardised form of the diagram, avoids all of the vagaries of the English language that we have already seen, with its myriad ways of signalling what is the conclusion and what are the premises. By listing the claims as distinct entities, it also overcomes complex sentence formations, with multiple claims within sentences,

Memory Systems For Languages

In English we want to remember the word 'vertigo' which means dizziness or giddiness, and in which a person feels as if he or surrounding objects are turning around. To imprint this word on the memory we associate the sound of it with the phrase 'where to go ' which is the kind of question you would ask if you felt that all surrounding objects were rotating about you Two words which many people confuse in the English language are 'acrophobia', which is a morbid fear of heights, and 'agoraphobia' which is a morbid fear of open spaces. The distinction can be firmly established if you associate the 'aero' in acrophobia with acrobat (a person who performs at great height ) and the 'agora' from agoraphobia with agriculture, bringing to mind images of large flat fields (though the Greek word actually means marketplace ). A knowledge of Latin is of enormous help in understanding all the Romance languages, in which many of the words are similar. The Latin word for 'love' is 'amor'. Related to...


The term Brainstorming has become a commonly used word in the English language as a generic term for creative thinking. The basis of brainstorming is a generating ideas in a group situation based on the principle of suspending judgment - a principle which scientific research has proved to be highly productive in individual effort as well as group effort. The generation phase is separate from the judgment phase of thinking. In Michael Morgan's book Creative Workforce Innovation he gives the following guidelines

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