Super Memory Section

Exercise 78 - Positivity For A Better Memory 127

Exercise 79 - Ridiculous Associations 128

Exercise 80 - Attention To Detail 130

Exercise 81 - Concentration & Eidetic Imaging 133

Exercise 82 - Developing A Photographic Memory 135

Exercise 83 - Rhythmic Memorizing 137

Exercise 84 - Observational Recall 139

Exercise 85 - Using Sensory Learning Links 140

Exercise 86 - Speed Learning Foreign Vocabulary 141

Exercise 87 - Peg System For Numbers 142

Exercise 88 - Peg System For Lists 144

Exercise 89 - Remembering Names 145

Exercise 90 - Loci System For Remembering 146

Exercise 91 - Improving Your Memory For Odors 148

Exercise 92 - 61-Hour Language Immersion 150

Exercise 93 - Sleep-Learning 152

Heightened Sensory Section

Exercise 94 - Imagining Your Senses 153

Exercise 95 - Experiencing Another Person's Senses 155

Exercise 96 - Developing Synesthesia 156

Exercise 97 - Improving Your Kinesthetic Instincts 158

Exercise 98 - Body Temperature Control 160

Exercise 99 - Improving Your Kinesthetic Awareness 162

Exercise 100 - Self-Massage 163

Exercise 101 - Improving Your Taste Discernment 165

Exercise 102 - Tactile Temperature Determination 167

Exercise 103 - Improving Your Tactile Discernment 169

Exercise 104 - Improving The Tactile Awareness Of Your Toes 171

Exercise 105 - Learning The Language Of Touch 172

Exercise 106 - Kinesthetic Weight Determination 174

Exercise 107 - Electromagnetic Field Awareness 175

Exercise 108 - Electromagnetic Tactile Discernment 177

Exercise 109 - Improving Your Magnetic Awareness 180

Exercise 110 - Improving Your Peripheral Vision Awareness 182

Exercise 111 - Using Your Peripheral Vision 184

Exercise 112 - Seeing With Your Skin & Body 185

Exercise 113 - Eyeless Sight 188

Exercise 114 - Vibrational Sight 190

Exercise 115 - Seeing The Human Etheric Body 191

Exercise 116 - Aura Seeing 192

Exercise 117 - Numbing Touch For Pain Control 196

Exercise 118 - Closing Off One Of Your Senses 197

Exercise 119 - Mindfulness: Improving Your Conscious Awareness 199

Multi-Tasking Section

Exercise 120 - Simultaneous Motor Coordination 203

Exercise 121 - Writing and Speaking Simultaneously 205

Exercise 122 - Simultaneous Conversation Awareness 206

Exercise 123 - A Multiple Hearing Acuity 208

Exercise 124 - Learning To Be Ambidextrous 210

Exercise 125 - Writing Mirror Language 212

Exercise 126 - Multi-Tracking On A Trampoline 215

Exercise 127 - Alphabet Gymnastics 217

Exercise 128 - 3-Letter Word Calisthenics 219

Exercise 129 - 4-Letter Word Calisthenics 220

Exercise 130 - 3-Letter Word Intermingling 221

Exercise 131 - 4-Letter Word Intermingling 222

Exercise 132 - 5-Letter Word Calisthenics 223

Exercise 133 - Multiple Word Intermingling 224

Exercise 134 - Back And Forth Word Intermingling 225

Exercise 135 - Backward Word Intermingling 226

Exercise 136 - Jumbled Words 227

Exercise 137 - Backward Sentence Writing 228

Exercise 138 - Sentence Intermingling 229

Exercise 139 - Jumbled Sentences 230

Exercise 140 - 7 & 8-Letter Word Calisthenics 231

Exercise 141 - Intermingling & Spelling Simultaneously 232

General Mind Stimulation Section

Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days 233

Developing Productivity Under Pressure 235

Imaging To Bring Luck And Happiness 237

Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals 239

Obtaining Money & Material Things 242

Sending Energy To Someone 245

Pain Away Breathing 247

■ Headache Relief 248

Using Self-Healing Thoughts 249

Increase Your Energy, Increase Your Health 251

Shifting Your Conscious Awareness 255

Pain Control Via Detachment 257

Daily Visualization 259

Activity Visualization 260

Your "New Life" Mind Walk 264

Creative Alternatives 266

Do You Have Any Idea 267

Giving Helpful Responses 268

Making Yourself Too Heavy To Be Moved 269

Learning Blindfold Chess Playing 271

Asking For Inner Guidance 274

Inner Counselors For Solving Problems 275

Exercise 166 - Problem-Solving During Sleep 276



















































Exercise 167 - Lucid Dreaming: Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams ... 277

Exercise 168 - Intuition, Hunches And Decisions 280

Exercise 169 - Solving Problems With Intuition 281

Exercise 170 - Finding Things or People With Intuition 282

Exercise 171 - Lightning Calculating 283

Exercise 172 - Lightning Calendar Calculating 286

Exercise 173 - Mental Multiplication 287

Exercise 174 - Mental Addition 289

Exercise 175 - Mental Subtraction 291

Exercise 176 - Learning Self-Hypnosis 292

Exercise 177 - Self-Induced Trance 295

Exercise 178 - Time Distortion 297

Exercise 179 - Learn Through Time Distortion 300

Exercise 180 - Mirror Regression Or Fantasy 303

Exercise 181 - Past Life Fantasy Or Regression 305

Exercise 182 - Mental Projection 306

Exercise 183 - Mental Projection Into Objects 307

Exercise 184 - Astral Projection Techniques 309

Exercise 185 - Astral Projection Adventures 311

Exercise 186 - Distant Examinations 313

Exercise 187 - Remote Viewing Via Telepathy 315

Exercise 188 - Visual Telepathy 317

Exercise 189 - Audio Telepathy 319

Exercise 190 - Sensory Telepathy 321

Exercise 191 - Group Telepathy 323

Exercise 192 - Telepathy With Animals 324

Exercise 193 - Vibrational Effect On Plants 326

Exercise 194 - Psychometry 327

Exercise 195 - Psychokinesis 328

Exercise 196 - Levitation 331

Exercise 197 - Thinking As A Group 334

Exercise 198 - Understanding Any Spoken Language 335

Exercise 199 - Speed Reading At Over 2,000 WPM 338

Exercise 200 - High Speed Listening 341

Exercise 201 - Talking Fast 343

Exercise 202 - Clairvoyance 346

Exercise 203 - Using Quartz Crystals 347

Exercise 204 - Divining, Dowsing and Radiesthesia 349

Exercise 205 - Prenatal Learning 351

Exercise 206 - Role Taking As An Actor 353

Exercise 207 - Learning Observational Subtleties 355

Exercise 208 - Scanning A Person 356

Exercise 209 - Discerning Body Language 358

Exercise 210 - Reading Body Language 360

Exercise 211 - Reading People 361

Exercise 212 - Functioning on Little or No 'Sleep' at All 363

Exercise 213 - Manual Dexterity and Coordination 364

Exercise 214 - Psionic and Psychotronic Generators 365

Exercise 215 - Sending Bulk Information Telepathically 368

Exercise 216 - Boosting Your Brain Power 369

Exercise 217 - Body Rhythms & Cycles (Chronobiology) 371

Exercise 218 - Dealing With A Liar 373

Exercise 219 - The Effect Of Symbols 375

Exercise 220 - Making The Time 377

Exercise 221 - Dispelling "Evil" From A Person 378

Exercise 222 - Color Significance 379

Exercise 223 - "I Am A Millionaire" 382


The 100% Brain Course is a dynamic growth program of brain exercises to equip you for the 21st Century with heightened overall abilities. You were meant to use more than just 2%, 5%, 10% or 20% of your brain power. By holistically utilizing more of your mind, you can develop the latent potential within you in a natural way. You can realize your dreams and enjoy life to the fullest. For this course to be useful though, you must open yourself and allow it to work for you. If you are willing to do the exercises, you'll soon develop capabilities that you never thought possible for yourself in the past. Are you ready? Can you imagine no limits or boundaries to your abilities? Can you say to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to develop yourself?

If you acknowledge within yourself a talent or ability that you would like to master, The 100% Brain Course will show you the technique in achieving it. You can transform your negative aspects to positive ones. You can learn to be consciously awake and in control of your subconscious impulses. You can have a better memory, think more creatively and most of all you can deal with people far better than you are doing right now. You can truly develop yourself more in every area if you apply yourself to the exercises in this manual.

This is a training manual that teaches you how to do wonderful things in easy to understand terms. These exercises focus in detail on the techniques used by experts and masters down through the ages. After achieving your new abilities, you can productively and efficiently progress yourself in any avenue of endeavor. Furthering your mental growth opens the door to your spiritual development as well. As an aspirant of higher knowledge, you will no longer need to jump from one philosophy to another in emotional frustration. You will have the mental stability necessary to understand higher spiritual tenets, and you will feel a sense of contentment in your progress toward spiritual understanding. You will allow harmony and order in your life. By stimulating your brain cells in a complete and holistic way, The 100% Brain Course enables you to be a more confident and competent individual, able to think, question and improve your skills and problem-solving abilities every day. This course will prepare you for the multifaceted future that can be in store for you.

Read, learn and proceed through the manual at your own rate of speed. Since many changes will take place in your life as a result of these exercises, it is advisable to keep a daily record or diary of your progress. Record exactly how much time you spend on each exercise. Don't let a single day or night go by without practicing some exercise, and note especially where you seem to have problems. Practice exercises in those areas where you are the weakest. Keep a small notebook or dated daily diary or group of exercise file cards with you during the day as a reminder to yourself. Eventually it will simply be natural for you to use your mind more. So prepare yourself for a better future, and use this manual to improve yourself, while noting in your notebook any changes in your life as you recognize them. You'll find the world a far more interesting and adventurous place when you do.

Since The 100% Brain Course is a self-study program, you'll find it helpful to establish a routine involving several of the manual's exercise each day. With this plan or road map as your guide, you can make more effective progress in your growth. The following sample can guide you, but depending upon your personal preferences arising from your own individual needs and objectives, you can change the exercise routine to suit yourself. But remember, commit yourself to taking action every day toward your goal of improvement, then reward yourself by celebrating every milestone you make!

1) Just before arising from bed in the morning, pause for a moment and don't get up. Relax and contemplate any dream recollections you just had. Ask yourself what symbolic significance such a dream could have had for you. Assume your subconscious mind provided those images to you for a reason. By asking yourself what that reason might be while relaxed and immediately after awakening, your subconscious mind oftentimes will provide you with an instructive answer for the day (Exercise - Problem-Solving During Sleep).

2) When you do arise from your bed, give yourself a quick self-massage (Exercise - Self-Massage) and reiterate confident healing messages to yourself, like "I am strong & healthy," "I feel good about myself," "All areas of my body are filled with invigorating energy," etc. (Exercise - Positive Affirming, Positive Living).

3) As you go through your morning ritual, be as conscious as possible without going unconsciously into an automatic mode (Exercise - Mindfulness: Improving Your Conscious Awareness). To assist this process, do things in a different order than usual or use your non-dominant hand for various tasks, like twisting off bottle caps, stirring your coffee, combing your hair, brushing your teeth or buttoning a garment (Exercise - Learning To Be Ambidextrous).

4) While going to work, reiterate positive statements to yourself about what you want to do, how you want it to happen and visualize yourself in the positive process all the way through to its completion (Exercise - Imagine and Mind Walk

Your Goals).

5) Open up your mind and consciously drink in the sights, sounds, odors and bumps in the road as you drive to work. Observe the street signs and billboards and play at spelling the words backwards to yourself as you pass them (Exercise - Attention To Detail).

6) At work, make a point of delivering some complimentary word each hour to your work mates. Find someone you normally have difficulty with and sincerely compliment him (her) in a positive way on something unique to their personality (Exercise - Skillful People Handling).

7) Study people and step into their shoes and imagine what they are feeling and experiencing (Exercise - Role Taking As An Actor). See if you can tell what is going on inside their head or bothering them (Exercise - Scanning A Person). Ask yourself how they would experience what you are experiencing (Exercise - Experiencing Another Person's Senses). Note their mannerisms. Are they sincere, truthful, internally angry, confident or intently attentive (Exercise - Discerning Body Language). You'll get better at this as you become more aware of your own internal workings.

8) When you first meet someone new, take conscious note of their name and ask them how it is spelled (Exercise - Remembering Names). Study that person's face, clothes and demeanor and note any unusual features. Caricaturize something ridiculous about those features for better recall later (Exercise - Ridiculous Associations).

9) When eating your daily meals, consciously attend to the process. Observe the food intently, smell it, chew it slowly, savor the subtle flavors and how your teeth, tongue and gums react to each morsel (Exercise - Mindfulness: Improving Your Conscious Awareness).

10) If you become tense, tired or scattered during the day, focus on breathing rhythmically and deeply for a few minutes (Exercise - Rhythmic Breathing To Harmonize Body/Mind Processes). At this time, tune inwardly and ask yourself for inner guidance (Exercise - Asking For Inner Guidance).

11) Before retiring at night, relax in your bed and mentally visualize in a quick series of images all the events that happened to you throughout the day (Exercise - Daily Visualization). Reiterate positive statements to yourself as you breathe slowly and rhythmically to yourself. Visualize any goals you have in a series of images through to completion with total personal involvement and confidence that you will achieve them. (Exercise - Obtaining Money & Material Things).

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