Exercise 221 Dispelling Evil From A Person

Studies of individuals who had 'multiple personalities' revealed that their brain wave patterns (via an electroencephalogram) were as different as between personalities of different individual people. Whereas normal subjects that tried to fake multiple personalities could not alter their brain wave patterns significantly. There are those of you that believe in demonic influences and those of you that do not. It doesn't matter, because this exercise is for either school of thought.

If harmful, spirit entities draw to your negative, emotional behavior to accentuate or augment it, the reverse has got to repel them. "Resist not evil," simply means not to grapple or fight it in a resisting fashion. Instead embrace it in a loving fashion ("Love thy enemy"). Pure, selfless, unqualified love is a powerful force. It has nothing to do with sex or lust, but everything to do with true power over evil. Most people rarely experience it. Think of a moment in your past when you came close to experiencing selfless love (parent for child, child for parent, spouse for spouse), and concentrate on that feeling. Now visualize a goblin-type entity called Mr. Fear around the person who appears to have a nasty, uncontrollable side to his personality. Visualize yourself alongside that person while you are generating unselfish love and both of you are seeking to embrace Mr. Fear. Visualize next either Mr. Fear running away or disintegrating in your embrace. Do this exercise at least 3 times a day and watch the effect that it has on the other person. Don't even let the other person know what you are doing.

If you are a Christian, couple the visualization with an affirmation like, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, disperse all evil and fear in (your friend)." If you are not a Christian, say, "All the fear in (your friend) is dispersing now." Either way, repeat the affirmation 3 times or more for maximum effect.

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