Exercise 202 Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is like watching television -- past, present or future. Prophecy or precognition more specifically identifies future seeing clairvoyance. By relaxing your conscious waking mind, your subconscious mind can establish a link to the universal storehouse of information.

Obtain a crystal (even a diamond is good) that shines. If you choose a quartz crystal, make sure you are attuned with it (see "Exercise -- Using Quartz Crystals"). Relax in a comfortable position and reduce the lighting very low (natural candlelight is good.). Make the room so dark that the crystal becomes hazy in your hand. Now look at the crystal without trying to see anything, as if you were looking into the far distance. Relax your eyes and let your focus go out of 'synch.' The crystal will only be inches from you, but it will seem like miles. The crystal will eventually begin to cloud and suddenly the milkiness will roll away and disclose the world in some way. Remain steady and don't jerk or you'll lose the picture and have to start all over again another night. Using a quartz crystal, the fuzzy wisps of hair and clouds inside it begin to transform themselves into people, animals, landscapes, and cities of wonder. With clairvoyance, you can view the world's history and often find things quite different than in the history books. You might even see snatches of the future, but remember have faith in yourself and the process, and you will succeed.

Everyone has precognitive 'feelings' from time to time. One survey of 28 documented train wrecks revealed that significantly fewer people rode the trains that crashed than rode them on the same day of the week in earlier weeks or months. Also, most major disasters are often preceded by precognitive impressions by many people around the world.

In some cases, a degree of clairvoyance has developed as a result of an abnormal growth on the thyroid. When the growth is removed by surgery, the clairvoyant sensitivity disappears. Could a heightened sensitivity be artificially produced by clever surgery? After Peter Hurkos fell off a building, he found that something changed in his brain and he suddenly was endowed with 'psychic' abilities. Unfortunately in the present time period, extranormal abilities are often too stressful for the ill-prepared individual, and confinement to a mental hospital is sometimes the result.

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