Is married

Has more than two siblings

Owns a cat

Drives a car less than 5 years old

Is at least 5 ft 8 inches tall

Has a 401K Plan or an IRA

Owns a dog

Loves Italian food

Has been on a cruise

Is a Democrat

Has donated blood in the past 6 months

Is a Republican

FIGURE 4-6. Background Bingo

FIGURE 4-6. Background Bingo

Getting to Really Know Them

As an interactive and fun way to allow participants to get to know one another, bring in an instant or digital camera that allows rapid preparation of photos. Take individual pictures of all participants as they arrive. Once you have photos of everyone, number the pictures consecutively and post them along a wall. Pass out 5 x 8-inch index cards or pieces of paper and ask each person to letter their cards

MINDMAP 4. Getting to Know Participants

A, B, and C, then write down a fact about themselves next to each letter. Two of the facts should be true and one a lie. These should be things that others might not know about them at work. Once everyone has done so, have participants post their list under their photos. Next, give each participant a handout that is numbered consecutively down the left side of the page to correspond with the numbers under the photos (e.g., 1-25). Tell participants they have 15 minutes to review the photos and things each person has written. They are then to select the item that they believe is a lie and list the letter of that item next to that person's number on their handout. After the time has elapsed, have participants do personal introductions, tell what their own three items of information were, and which one is a lie. After all introductions and self-disclosures are done, award a prize to the person having the most correct responses on his or her sheet.

You can tie this activity into any session; however, it really fits well with teambuilding, interpersonal communication, customer service, and other people skills programs, as you can emphasize that you cannot always tell something about someone just by seeing them or a picture of them.

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