The importance of fresh air on brain functioning has been known for years. The brain needs air rich in oxygen and free of contaminants to operate at peak performance levels. Unfortunately, many organizations now occupy closed environment type buildings where air is recycled and windows cannot be opened. The result is often reduced air quality that in some cases even results in what has been termed "sick building syndrome." According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental hazards of our time. It is a leading cause in the rise of asthma

Table 5-2. Common Plants for Use in the Classroom

Areca palm

Norfolk Island palm

Bamboo palm

King of hearts

Boston fern

Golden pathos

Corn plant

Peace lily

Christmas cactus

Lady palm



Dumb cane

Rubber plant

Dwarf date palm

Snake plant

English ivy

Spider plant


Wax begonia


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