Symbols of Office

Use Mondo Koosh® or foam rubber/sponge balls as symbols of office for your leaders. Place one ball at random locations so that each group will have a leader for your first activity. For you second activity, have the former leaders gently toss their balls to anyone else in their group. That person just "volunteered" to be the new leader. Have the scribes similarly pass their symbol of office.

A variation on this is to allow the leaders to "delegate" their leadership responsibilities to another member of their group. Before starting an activity, identify who the group leaders are for each group. Next, announce that one of the competencies of a good leader is to be able to delegate tasks effectively. Tell them that the leaders may now delegate their leadership during the activity to anyone else in their group, if they so desire. This technique usually generates a few chuckles and a flurry of activity as people quickly transfer their symbol of office to someone else.

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