Small Toys

Smile faced items can be used for customer service programs or virtually any other topic, for example, stuffed animals, hacky sacks, or foam balls.

Currency or coins are effective for bank teller or cashier training.

Fish exemplify successful programs/projects when things are "swimming along."

Zoo animals can add fun to virtually any subject or when discussing stress or a high-energy topic when things are hectic, (e.g., It's a zoo around here.)

Insects or bugs help in activities when discussing pet peeves or things that "bug" participants, either in customer interactions or the workplace.

Spinning tops made of plastic can emphasize high sales or improvement levels (on top of the world).

Back scratchers made of wood or plastic can be related to ways of "reaching or attaining a goal."

Sheriff's badges can be tied into concepts of taking charge, leadership, authority, or ownership of an issue.

Ducks made of rubber or plastic might be used to remind people that sometimes things are not always what they are "quacked up" to be (when discussing problems or how things can go wrong in a specific situation).

Hand-held pencil sharpeners can point out the need to ask direct questions or "get to the point" when doing a customer service or interpersonal communication program.

Footballs, baseballs, sponge balls, or similar small items may help emphasize teamwork or "getting on the ball."

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