Plan for Contingencies

Too often, training will not go as planned. There are often many factors out of your control, especially if you are visiting or training in a facility that you are not in charge of. Accept this fact and prepare for it by having a backup plan in place. For example, if you plan to use a computer projection system, have transparencies or flip charts available in case equipment fails and you need an alternate training aid. Know your material well enough so that you can modify or cut things as necessary because of time overruns or other unforeseen occurrences. This sometimes happens if your presentation is just one of a series being offered in which other presenters or trainers go over their allotted time, thus creating a ripple effect where subsequent trainers have to either speed through material or go past the scheduled ending time. The latter is sure to irritate participants and get you negative remarks on evaluations. It is always better to end early than run over.

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